Taking the Plunge!

Well, not THAT plunge… that one was five years ago now.


It ain’t a party without maracas!!

No, this is another kind of plunge that I’ve been thinking about for a long time… I’m going full-throttle with my blog and moving to a self hosting site. This is HUGE for me… what it means is I will have full control over the page, and won’t be forced to use the provided WordPress templates. I will also be able to have advertisers (I hope! At some point!) – real ones, not just those pop ups that you see now. I’m REALLY excited about the upgrade and super nervous about messing it up.

Fortunately, WordPress offers a guided transfer feature, so for a fee I am having them assist me in moving the blog from them to my new host – and if all goes well, none of my readers will even notice the switch! It should happen some time tomorrow, and then once it’s done the real work (and FUN) begins.


I have selected a new theme with all kinds of beautiful details that I’m going to be installing, and I cannot WAIT to get it up and running. As much as I’ve loved blogging from WordPress, I admit it’s been frustrating having to work within their parameters and I really want to learn how to manage the site on my own. Some people (*coughmyhusbandcough*) would say that I should wait and see if my blog grows and expands more before putting some money into it, and while that makes sense I also think that this blog will continue to grow and reach more people if it’s REALLY looking kick ass and is set up just how I want it. I admit, some days I don’t write because I’m just plain annoyed with what I am working with. I hope that once I have my perfect little space set up, I will be SUPERCHARGED and inspired even more!

I’m excited, in case you can’t tell.

So please bear with me over the next few days as I inevitably mess things up, panic, call support, get things fixed, sigh with relief, and then do it all again four more times. I will get things squared away as fast as possible, and in the meantime I am coming up with some posts that are hopefully as great as my new home will be!

I thank you as always for reading and coming along on my little ride.

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