The IKEA 2015 Catalogue is here!!

(Alternate Titles – “Happiness in Paper Form”, or “The Best Day of the Year”)

So here it is… oh happy day!!

Ikea Catalogue

I am the first to admit that I get super excited for the new catalogue each year – but at the same time I do often find it to be more of the same stuff they usually carry.  I usually flip through, get excited, then leave it in the bathroom for the next 12 months.. lol. Today, however, I was quite surprised! Personally, I think that Ikea has knocked it out of the park this year, and I’m more impressed than ever before. Their new items are innovative, functional and VERY cool to look at. They also seem to have a wider array of styles than in previous years. They’ve moved beyond just the nordic style they’ve become known for and have incorporated some new elements that range from mid-century modern to shabby chic. I am LOVING this new line!! In saying that, I thought I’d share my favourite new items from the 2015 catalogue, and tell you why I love them so! Part of Ikea’s new line this year is a sub-collection called “PS 2014”. These items are more forward thinking than anything they’ve sold before, and I want them all. LOL! Here are some of my favourites from this collection and the rest of the new line that’s available now.

Wall Rail with shelf, mirror & four knobs – $47.99

This thing is super cool. You can purchase many different components to suit your needs. Knobs, mirrors, trays, rails… it’s modular and can be easily switched around. I love the idea of having it just inside a mudroom door to drop jackets and keys, or even on a bathroom wall to hold towels and jewelry.

Ikea PS 2014 wall rail with shelf mirror and 4 knobs

LED Stool Lamp – $59.99 How COOL is this thing? It’s a stool, it’s a lamp, and it’s cordless. When I first saw it I immediately pictured it in my kids’ rooms… but then when I saw that it’s cordless I wanted to buy a bunch for our backyard! Imagine a circle of these out back on your patio at night? Amazing. LED  stool lamp Storage Table – $79.00 I’m mildly obsessed with this one, and I’m fighting the urge to run out and buy a few until I can decide where I will actually USE them. But really? The possibilities are endless. Our living area always seems to have a few straggler items that never find a home. (My husband’s X-box headphones, the tv and X-box remotes, pens and a handful of small toys ALWAYS seem to be leftover no matter how much I tidy.) I’m thinking this table would be the perfect solution – not to mention that it’s levels are interchangeable and can be used as trays! Not a fan of the colours?? It comes in solid white too! Storage Table Enudden Wall Storage with Knob – $3.99 Here’s another “by the door” idea that I love. It’s small, it’s simple, and it serves a great purpose. Put a few of these up right next to the door you use most and you instantly have your own spot for keys, sunglasses and a wallet. Attach some inside your closet in a vertical arrangement to store scarves and jewelry, or put them pretty much ANYWHERE to keep small bits of whatever you think needs a home. Craft supplies, makeup and nailpolish, you name it – this holds it. Enudden Wall Storage w Knob Enudden Hat & Coat Stand – $39.99 This one is definitely on my list. We currently have this Ikea coat stand in our front hall, but I much prefer the aesthetic of this one with its smooth lines and rounded base with no feet to trip over. It’s sleek and offers great storage, and you can even purchase a package of clips and hooks to add to it for hanging scarves and mittens, etc. So I’m totally going to sell the one we have and get this. LOL. Enudden Hat and Coat StandIngeborg Bath Towels – starting at $1.99 This line of towels makes me happy. That’s all. I just love them and think that the colours are fun and fresh. Love the pattern combos! Ingebord Bath Towels & Accessories Lekande Bedspread – $19.99 So basically you can spend $100 at Pottery Barn or $20 at Ikea for this adorable patchwork style quilt! Don’t have to ask me twice… How adorable… Lekande Bedspread Gonatt Crib – $249.00 (But on sale ending TODAY for $211.00!) I think this crib might be my favourite thing in the whole catalogue, which is kind of unfortunately seeing as it’s like the one thing I have NO reason to buy. It’s a gorgeous grey which is perfect for a boy or a girl. It’s got storage underneath and it converts to first a day bed and then a loveseat. It’s not too juvenile looking so it can be used for YEARS. Talk about a good buy. Personally I’d switch out the knobs, but otherwise I think it’s just perfect. Gonatt Crib

I couldn’t find a photo online of the converted version, so yes – I took a picture of the catalogue with my phone:

Gonatt Day Bed

Stuva Twin Loft Bed – $506.00 (this combination) Okay, I admit that I’ve never been a fan of this style of bed. I always thought they were sort of cheap looking and junky. BUT – my ten year old daughter saw this and literally swooned. Yes. Literally. There was swaying and moaning and glassy eyes… the whole deal. I get it, it’s like a club house and this one has tons of storage which is pretty cool. Again, you can get this in many different combinations, styles and colours. I kind of want one myself. Stuva Loft Bed Selje Bedside Table -$39.99 Another forward step for Ikea… this side table has a cut out in the drawer front that allows for a cable to come through. Perfect for the 37 year old teenager who sleeps with their phone two inches from their head, it’s cute and stylish too! Selje Nightstand

So there you have it.. my favourites from the new “book book”… lol!

pin it Have you gone through the new catalogue yet? Are your picks the same or did I leave out something crucial? My closest Ikea is about 20 minutes away, so I’m hoping to get down there one day this week. And I’m definitely taking the van… hehe.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

PS – This post was in no way sponsored. I just reeeeeeally like Ikea.


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