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    This is a wonderful idea for such a small space.
    We got an Ikea Kura bed (off Kijiji) for my older son. You can have the bed on the bottom and do a canopy over the rest, or you can flip it and have the bed on the top. He’s only 4 feet up so it’s not scary like traditional bunk beds AND you can put another single mattress on the bottom! This is what we’ll do eventually if Big Brother still wants to share his room (right now Little Brother is in a small toddler bed).

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    I totally get what you’re saying about suddenly hating your living arrangements. It’s awful to realize that, too, because by the time you feel that way it’s like you’re trapped! I totally get it. Everyday from that one forward is a nightmare. Hopefully your house sells quick and there is minimal blood shed this Winter!

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