See You in September…

Oh wait… SOB… how did that happen? Ugh. I don’t know about where you guys all live, but around here (Toronto) it just wasn’t very “summery” this summer. Pretty cruddy weather made it zip by in no time, and I can’t believe it’s over. Oh well… fall is my favourite season, so I’ll deal.

And I can’t complain, because MAN did I bring this month in with a bang!! I got the most amazing message the other day, from an editor at BuzzFeed, asking if they could use one of my posts in an article on their site!!!


So on Monday the article went live, and I am SO excited to be a part of it!! Check it out below…


You may or may not notice that my two year old is now famous… I mean, doesn’t a photo on BuzzFeed pretty much ensure instant notoriety and fortune??? Even if it’s just the back of your head??


Click HERE to read my original post that was featured!

So that was a pretty awesome start to the month I have to say.  But you guys… it gets BETTER. Yesterday afternoon I got a message from a Facebook friend of mine. We don’t know each other too well, but she used to work with my husband and she knows me well enough to know I have a major wee obsession with collecting and refinishing furniture. She has these pieces in the basement of her home and has no space or use for them, so she asked if I wanted them. I was all, “YES they’re gorgeous!! How much?” and she was all, “No, you can just have them… I’ll even drop them off!”

…and I was all


So I am going to be the super excited new owner of these lovely ladies very soon…



My husband isn’t so excited about this whole thing… he lacks the vision needed to see how STUNNING this is all going to be. AND of course it means I will have to sell some stuff that’s currently in the garage, but that’s okay! I have a rule – when you bring something in, something has to go out. We live in a 1600 square foot house, ain’t nobody got room for dat. Gotta keep the clutter down.

But these pieces aren’t going anywhere… I’m definitely going to update them somehow, but they are coming to their forever home, baby! They totally fit in with the midcentury aesthetic that I’ve been leaning towards lately, and I LOVE them.

So, that’s my wee update on this random Wednesday morning. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week, and to all my fellow Canadians I hope your kids are enjoying their first days back at school!

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