Back to School Again…

This time next week I will have three children in three different schools. What has happened? Where has the time gone? Oh my heart.

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I’m pretty used to sending Taya off on the bus now… she’s starting grade five this year and she’s got it all under control. It’s never really easy to wave goodbye as she heads down the driveway, but I’m at least used to it.

But Cal… well, my little man is starting JK in four short days and I’m just not sure how to feel about it. My little man is heading out into the world and going on some great adventures. I’m so happy for him, and excited… and terrified, and sad. He has his new back pack and he’s all ready to go. But kindergarten here is full day now, and for a little guy who is used to spending every minute with mommy, well… I’m not sure who is going to have a harder time with the transition. Hopefully it’s me.

And then there’s my wee Ella. My little spitfire of a toddler who is the most adventurous, loving, brave two year old I’ve ever known. She’s going to miss her siblings so much and I know it’s time to let her spread her wings – just a little. She’s starting nursery school, two mornings a week, and it was a pretty big deal for her to pick out a back pack with her big brother in anticipation of the big day!

(Spiderman and Bubble Guppies, respectively, if anyone’s interested…)

This time last year it was Taya hopping on the bus while my two little babies waved in the window…

iPhone pics Sept 10 2013 062

My gosh how things have changed.

So as I prepare for the madness that next week will bring, I’m so overwhelmed with emotions. Pride, stress, fear, excitement… and a million others.¬†Mainly I’m panicking about lunches.


Thank goodness for Pinterest, although while I’m happy to get ideas of what to pack, there will be no landscapes or animals made from sandwiches. I don’t know who the moms are that do this, but I don’t really like them. No offense – go on with your bad selves, but I’m skipping that party.


I will just consider myself lucky if I get the food in the box and the kids out the door. It’s gonna be interesting. And exciting! And I’m definitely going to cry on the first day. And maybe the second. But hopefully not after that.

More than anything? I can’t wait to take a photo of my three beautiful kids on the first day. New clothes, bags bigger than they are, hair brushed and excited, nervous smiles… I’ve been preparing for this moment for years, and preparing them especially. I’m so proud and I know this is going to be an amazing year for them – and for me! A few mornings a week with no kids in the house is totally foreign and will definitely be good for me. A chance to do my own thing and reclaim a little bit of myself is pretty awesome, I must admit.

And, because I have this song in my head on repeat EVERY year at this time, I will subject you to the same fate…
Hope everyone’s back to school experience is a good one, and that all these wonderful kids have a fantastic year!


  1. Sara says

    One of your blog pictures made it on Buzzfeed. If you take a look at their site you can click on “The Ikea Kitchen cart is the only thing you need”. I recognized your blog that’s linked under the picture!

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