A Masterful Mess

This post may not be suitable for some readers.
Those who enjoy tidy rooms, laundry put away and beds made should proceed with caution.

Our master bedroom is lacking, my friends. It’s small, it has ONE tiny closet and no en suite bath. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never really wanted a huge bedroom. It just seems like wasted space since I’m really never in there, but it would be nice to have a PRETTY bedroom. An organized, functional bedroom with storage.

Yah. I’d like that.

When we first came to view this house in 2008, this is what the master bedroom looked like:



Fancy, right? SO fancy. Purple-y blue walls, one sad little window and a ceiling fan. SO much awesomeness. We painted before we even moved in, (a colour that I now regret but am not changing) and pretty much did nothing else. I’ve had our furniture arranged at least six different ways since then… it’s a frustrating space and here’s the scary part… as we began working on other areas of the house, our room became the dumping ground.

I cannot be the only person this has happened to… lol… I like to think of it as a great, selfless act… taking the hit for the family by keeping the other rooms attractive and clean, and letting the junk pile up in MY space. At its worst, it looked like this:

samsung aug 11 2014 130

Oh my…

samsung aug 11 2014 129

There’s just no excuse…

samsung aug 11 2014 132

I’m so ashamed…

Okay. Deep breath. Now that’s out of the way, allow me to explain. While our bathroom was being remodeled, I needed SOMEWHERE to put all the “stuff” from in there, and this was the only option. I always have laundry issues that I’m attempting to get under control. I DO the laundry, I SORT the laundry, I just don’t always end up putting AWAY the laundry.

The struggle is real.

Anyway this room does NOT look like that anymore… I did a really big purge this past week and also cleared out some furniture and put it into storage for now. It’s tough – sometimes I think I should sell the furniture I’m not using right now, but then I think about how our next house is going to be (it HAS to be!) so much bigger than this one, and I can’t bring myself to get rid of something that I know I will need when we move. So, those items got stored in the attic and garage, and everything was either cleaned up or donated.

Here’s what I know about where this room is headed:
– The dark wood dresser stays
See that big dark dresser up there? Well, it’s not my favourite thing in the world, but my husband made it, so it’s going nowhere. Yes.. I mean HE MADE IT. From pieces of unfinished wood, with his bare hands and some power tools. We’re not talking “assembly” here, folks… this piece is special to him because he created it from scratch, and it stays.

– The bed goes
Well, it either goes or it gets made over. It’s “faux” leather, it’s too big and it’s too dark. So I’m either covering it all with fabric to freshen it up, or it’s leaving altogether and being replaced with a beautiful rattan headboard that I bought from Kijiji recently. We shall see.

There are new night tables in there now that will be painted “Old White” by Annie Sloan and that chair you see in the corner is being painted as well… not sure yet what colour.

I stumbled across this mood board yesterday on Pinterest, and I couldn’t believe how bang it it matched our room…


I emailed it to Alex and he wrote back, “Did you make this?” LOL… see? It really matches our plan. The dresser is similar, the night tables will look like those ones, the fabric I bought to cover the headboard and frame is almost identical and the wall colour is a dead match for the background of the roman shades. The only difference is that in our room we will be incorporating some blues, so I will have to figure that part out.

So that’s what’s taking up my free time lately. Emptying the room out and working on it is pretty challenging when all of our stuff still needs to be accessible AND we have a two year old who insists on napping in “mommy’s bed” every afternoon. Sigh.

Oh well, it will all get done eventually… and starting next week I will have TWO children in full day school, so being home with just Ella should free me up a bit to tackle these things.

I hope I didn’t terrify you with my AWFUL master bedroom… I promise it won’t stay this way!


  1. Mei says

    Oh you are a brave brave girl! We have a room that looks like that too. It’s called the office/exercise/sewing/craft/laundry hanging room. Aka junk room. It’s embarrassing too!

  2. Kate says

    Thank you thank you thank you. I’m so glad you posted a real picture of how your bedroom is. If it was not for the different colour paint, I would swear that is our master bedroom…

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