Creative (and cheap!) Solutions for Hiding Cords

Today’s post might not be flashy, but it still brought me big time joy.

My house had CORD issues. We are a tech house – as in, my husband needs to own every freaking gadget there is, and he needs to own what appears to be multiple versions of each one. lol… we have xboxes and Wiis and blu ray players and dvd players and all kinds of components that truthfully I have NO IDEA what their purpose is.

What I do know? CORDS. So. Many. Freaking. Cords. I hate it. I work my butt off to decorate and make it pretty, but then there are these black and beige cables hanging everywhere and it makes me RAGEY. Yup. I think that was the first time I’ve ever used that word.

I like to think that I can be handy on occasion, but nope.. there’s no way I am opening up walls to hide these things. And my hubby IS handy, but as the sole breadwinner in this house, the man just doesn’t have the time. So, as always… I got creative.

pin it

Yeahhhhh… we lived with that “before” picture in various states for SIX YEARS, people. We’ve had different media consoles and they’ve been against different walls, but the bottom line was always the same… the look was ruined by cords. So I started to dig around on Pinterest and found some really great ideas…

box em up




I also saw a few… umm… “other” ideas…

bad idea

 Seriously?? Just no.

Anyway, in the end I came up with my own version which is what usually happens… I was at the thrift store, keeping in mind a few “issues” I was having at home and keeping an eye open for possible solutions when I found THIS:

samsung aug 11 2014 178

Remember these cheap coat hooks from Ikea? I don’t think they carry them anymore but you can find similar ones pretty much anywhere. It was $2.99 and I immediately envisioned it as a holder for all the crap you see above. LOL. I pulled the console away from the wall, drilled it into place and then weaved the cords around the hooks to keep them off the floor. Once I had them all wound neatly I laid the power bar across the top and I was done! Seriously, it doesn’t get much easier..

samsung aug 11 2014 182
Side view

It looks SO much better and I honestly cannot believe that it took me so long to come up with such a simple idea. Embarrassing, really…

samsung aug 11 2014 184

samsung aug 11 2014 181

So there’s my easy-peasy solution to a very common problem. I LOVE finding ideas that work for so little time and money… especially when it’s something that no one is ever going to see anyway. Hope you found it helpful!

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pps – hubby is home tonight, and thank goodness… I’m TIRED. I wrote this entire post using the word “CHORD” and caught it right before hitting publish. Help me.



  1. Carrie says

    Nice idea! I may have to use some form of this. I work from home and have dual monitors, etc. It’s a cord nightmare! One thing that helps keep cords together, etc. are zip ties (cable ties). They’re cheap too, so if you have to cut them off to move stuff around it’s no problem.

  2. Mei says

    Genius! This would work great under our TV (and lots of other places) especially since our little crawler has decided to get into everything she isn’t supposed to!

    • says

      Oh that’s true too… Ella was always turning off the power bar, I guess the red light caught her attention. She would just crawl under the console but now she can’t get near it!

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