Chalk Board Art Wall

So much for last week’s posts, eh? (Yah, I’m Canadian.. we all know.)
I got into a bit of a slump and while I had all my projects ready to share, I just wasn’t feelin’ it. And if I’ve learned one thing from Blogland… it’s don’t post if you’re not feelin’ it!

You can’t force this stuff, people. It’s gotta flow.

So this morning I’m back, ready to share a recent makeover that I did and this is a good one. The kids are in heaven and I’m actually able to get some stuff DONE upstairs now while they keep busy in their room…

Check it out, yo… the wall of fun!

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 211

Hooray! See what I’ve done here? I turned this weird dud of a wall into an awesome spot for the kids to play… just by adding some chalkboard paint and some molding! Since I’m always doing these projects by myself I’m not very good at taking process pics, but really it couldn’t be easier…

I popped out to Home Depot and picked up a bucket of Rusto-Leum chalkboard finish paint for $23. (Not sponsored, it’s just the one I bought.)


Then I went by the ReStore and got that piece of trim that runs across the top, it was a remnant that was $2. While there, I also had the idea to use those half moon drawer pulls as chalk holders… I got them for $1 each. So the entire project cost $28 and only took about 20 minutes, not including drying time of course.

The first thing I did when I got home was make room to work and ¬†wipe down the wall. I measured how high I wanted the paint to go, and drew a line to guide me. I painted one coat and it was NOT looking to great at that point… lol

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 203

I was a little nervous, I admit it.. but I kept going.. Here is coat #2:

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 204


Now we were gettin’ somewhere! This stuff went on super easy and each coat took very little. I still have 75% of the paint left after doing three coats.

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 205

Then I measured from one side to the other and cut the piece of trim to fit. I gave it a few coats of some white paint I had lying around, and once it dried I attached the drawer pulls and hung with a hammer and some nails. I used wood filler to cover the nail holes and then painted over those spots again… it looks great!

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 208

The reason I chose this wall is because it’s totally weird. Our house, as I’ve mentioned, is almost 70 years old and has more than a few quirks. The biggest one is in this room. While I LOVE the fact that we have a “functioning” attic space that we can actually use for storage (ala Christmas Vacation), I don’t love that there is a weird, terrifying, dark little staircase in the middle of Cal & Ella’s room that leads up to it…

samsung aug 11 2014 019

Totally creepy. And totally in the way. So you see, the wall on the left of it is where I painted. It’s a very odd room. Hard to describe and even harder to photograph!

samsung aug 11 2014 020

This gives you a better idea… That’s the entrance to the room over on the left. Off camera to the right is the closet, and behind me to the right are the kids’ beds and a window. Weirdest room ever.

Anyway, as you can see above, I didn’t stop with just the chalkboard paint. I made an art wall too! I simply took a bunch of stuff I already had around the house and got creative.

samsung aug 11 2014 014

The pieces on the right are the kids’ artwork that I framed…

samsung aug 11 2014 017One of Ella’s first drawings

samsung aug 11 2014 016

One of Cal’s finger paintings from nursery school

The twine “SOAR” on canvas is something I made and then I added the Ella and “C” to keep it representin’ both kids. LOL. The shadow box that is around the “C” is from Ikea… I found it at the thrift store for $1 and it was black… I just spray painted it and it looks great!

samsung aug 11 2014 015
Altogether the wall looks pretty cool and the kids spend a ton of time there! It’s a bit of a pain to clean, but I just use wet rags and it all comes off pretty quick. I love having a spot to display their creations and it’s nice having a spot for them to play that doesn’t include 791 toys on the floor!

I would definitely recommend this one if you have a spot for it… I’m not sure how it will translate when we go to sell the house, but I figure it’s easy enough to undo if I need to, and if the kids are quiet happy, mama is happy!

chalkboard wall b&a

Oh and did I mention that the hubby is away on business? Muah ha ha ha… big things are happenin’ my friends. Off I go to pick up plywood and fabric!



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