Ten Things That Robin Williams’ Movies Taught Me

“Carpe Diem”… seize the day.

We’ve all said it a million times, but do we do it? Do we live like each day is our last? Is that even possible?

I’m sitting here completely heartbroken as I watch the news and learn that the BRILLIANT, enigmatic, effervescent, hilarious, eclectic legend Robin Williams has died.

The world has truly lost a bright light, and I admit it… I’m in tears.

I sit here thinking about the quotes, the jokes, the one-liners and cinematic masterpieces that he brought to generations, and I knew I was a fan, but even I was surprised by just how many times he has made me laugh, cry, and THINK over the years. It made me want to say thank you, and pay homage to the gift that he gave us all. So, this is what I came up with…


10 – Laughter is the best medicine.


9 –¬†Always speak your truth – even when you know there will be consequences.

good morn

8 – We should all embrace our inner child.


7 – It’s okay to make a fool of yourself.

Robin Williams In 'Mrs. Doubtfire'

6 – Humans and aliens can peacefully co-exist.


5 – It’s important to see things from a different perspective once in a while.


4 – We all need someone to listen to us.

good will

3 -It’s okay to show that we care.


2 – We are all connected, and everyone has a story.



1 – Seize the day. Every moment is precious and every day is a gift.


Robin Williams was a gift. A genuine talent who needed nothing more than a microphone and a stage to entertain and engage, teach and amaze. I hope that his passing will remind us all that sometimes our demons are too difficult to overcome alone. No one should suffer in silence.

Rest in peace, sir. And thank you for sharing your spirit and talent with the world…

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  1. justine says

    I never comment online but I linked to this from buzzfeed.your post is far better, more eloquent and touching,and more respectful because it was not written for clicks. I liked it a lot.

      • justine says

        He was,but I would never have classed myself as a big fan.which makes me wonder why I, and a few of my friends and family, in England are weeping today. It was headline news here in uk when we woke up this Tuesday morning.we are a day behind and reading all the tributes. Honestly I think yours is one of the nicest I have seen, and credit to you, you haven’t made it about yourself like some I have seen.thank you from one online stranger to another.

  2. Kelly says

    I also found this after reading Buzzfeed. Yours is better b/c it includes Mork and Mindy! That is when this brilliant man first brought joy to my life. My daughter is sad as well….Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji…..oh life is precious.

  3. says

    Thank you so much for your thoughts and sharing them. I feel so lost, and miss him as I would a member of my family. He made me laugh until I cried and cry until I laughed. He wasnt perfect and said so many times, but he was perfect for all of his fans. An amazing sweet soul that gave us all so much. I am so glad that he was so human, the best of humanity not only on stage but in his personal life too. I had the pleasure of living just 80 miles from him and considered him our greatest treasure here in northern Ca, along with the city he loved so much (San Francisco). May you find the peace you so desperately needed funny man, and may your family find comfort in knowing the world shares your loss.

  4. Britt says

    I too was devastated to learn of Robin’s passing. He has been a staple in our household movie collection since I was a kid. Whenever I’m feeling down, I put on one of his movies because I’m sure it will make me laugh. I am thinking of his family in their time of grief and I too hope Robin is finally at peace. Thank you for posting this – what a beautiful tribute.

    • says

      Thank you Britt… I think every family feels like they lost something special with his passing. I will be watching his films over again in the coming weeks for sure.

  5. says

    This was beautiful and touching, made me realize just how much he actually had touched my life. Was looking at the photos and realizing I’ve probably seen each of those movies and just how powerful and wonderful each of his roles were. I hope his family can find peace.

    • says

      Thank you April… I agree, I’ve seen pretty much all yr films and I think we al feel like we’ve lost part of our family..

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