Happy Monday!

Not sure why I’m feeling so “up and at ’em” this morning, but I am. We had a great weekend here that was super busy and lots of fun, and we’re finally experiencing some real SUMMER weather which is just awesome. I got a lot accomplished over the last few days too, so I’m actually very excited to be able to say that I have my week’s posts all lined up and ready to go!

This first little project makes me super happy and while it fed my need to paint and use power tools it is also really functional and only cost me $2.99. Winning!

Check it out!!


Oh yah, baby! No more cords and chargers on my kitchen counter! Inspired by this post on Pinterest, I grabbed an old dingy breadbox from the thrift store the other day…

samsung aug 11 2014 022

I actually lucked out finding this one that had the upper shelf – I’ve never even seen one like this before but it made the project even easier since I could use the top level for the phones and the lower one for the iPad! I dug through my paint collection and chose a really nice Blue that I got for $5 at the ReStore months ago… it’s called “Mariner”.

samsung aug 11 2014 023

 Or maybe that says $5.80? I have no idea…

Before painting I broke out the drill and made holes in the back of the box to allow the cords to feed through. All you need to do with this step is ensure the holes are big enough for whatever cords you’re using. For mine I needed the a larger hole on the bottom for the iPad cord.

samsung aug 11 2014 021

Then I got to painting… I hate sanding so I basically just don’t. LOL. It took a few coats but it went on beautifully and once it was dry I just chose some hardware from my ever-growing collection and it was good to go:

samsung aug 11 2014 137

Voila! There she is… my sneaky, pretty, cord-hiding, not-really-a-breadbox breadbox. Cool idea, huh? In the end the whole project cost me less than $3.00 and took about an hour. And believe me, the happiness that I feel not having to look at seven different wires and devices on the counter is pretty serious. This is an intense happiness. Overwhelming, actually.

samsung aug 11 2014 143

 So tidy! So clean! So organized!

samsung aug 11 2014 145

Hope you have an overwhelmingly happy day too… this is definitely a project I would recommend and if you try it I INSIST that you show me when it’s done!
Have a great morning…

TDC Before and After

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  1. says

    Love it, Pinned it.
    Until I was about 20, my mother used her breadbox as a place to store important papers. So using a breadbox for something other than bread is the norm for us :) I love the colour you chose.

    • says

      Thanks! I love having a bunch of paint to choose from when these things pop up. Who wants to buy a $25 can for a breadbox? Lol

    • says

      Haha I was thinking I should make them and sell them on the FB sale pages… message me if you ever really want one they’re quick and cheap! :)

  2. Cat Goldrick says

    OMG I need this! Going to be my next project. Only issue, I use my breadbox for bread. I always said I would never have one but it is quite handy. Need to think of an idea so I don’t have 2, that would just look awkward! Wonderful post, MB!

    • Mary Beth says

      Thanks, Mrs G! I was worried about that too, but I just started stashing bread in a cupboard. All of our bread never fit in the breadbox anyway. lol

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