Living Room Reveal… Again!

Well, how about that! Just when I thought my living room was all completed and lovely, it turns out it wasn’t.

Last we left, my living room was looking like this:

samsung may 23 2014 041

And now it’s looking kinda like THIS:

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 357

Whoops! How did THAT happen?  hahaha… Allow my to explain! As much as I do love that white floral Ektorp sofa from Ikea, it was pretty tough keeping it clean with three kids, dogs and a cat. Whew. That’s a LOT of spilled juice and pet hair. I really would love to have white couches some day, but that day is not today. So, while I wasn’t actively searching for something new, I was keeping an eye out… just in case something popped up.

So when I just happened to spy this INCREDIBLE sectional on Kijiji for less than $50 (I’m not even joking!) I was in my van faster than you can say “OMGgivemethatsofa!!!” and on the road to Toronto to snatch it up before someone else got it!

samsung july 8 2014 224

Thank the lord that my mom lives ten minutes away and I can dump my kids on her at a moment’s notice… and you guys, I’m serious.. this was STRESSFUL. It was HOT and like a 45 minute drive and there was a moment when it looked like I was going to have to make TWO TRIPS to fit it in… Um, NO WAY, dude! The poor husband that was helping me load it up was dripping in sweat but I was pretty serious about not driving all the way back down there… lol. Eventually we wedged that sucker in there and off I went!

When I got it home my amazing neighbour helped me bring it in, and I was in LURVE…

samsung july 8 2014 225

It’s a nice THICK fabric that will wear so much better than the thin cotton of the Ektorp. It’s enormous and super solid… just what we needed! I got busy adding new pillows and a super cute rug that I found at Target. I also ditched the grey and white curtains and replaced them with a really soft linen pair that I found at Home Depot. I also decided that the small round coffee table we were using didn’t work there anymore, so I had my husband get out the HUGE coffee table that has been in my family since I was a baby…

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 368


People… I LOVE this thing. It’s actually an old dining table that my dad cut down yeeeeeeeears ago. You can see the split in the middle from where the leaves you to go, and it’s pretty funky underneath…

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 367

Love love LOVE it. I have some big plans for it too. I’m thinking of sealing that opening down the middle with some wood filler, sanding it down and painting it. Going to take my time on this one though, I want to make sure I love what I do to it since it’s so special to me. I used to sit at this table every day after kindergarten, eating my lunch and watching “Leave it to Beaver”!

I also added some detail to the media console, and I LOVE how it turned out. It initially looked like this:


And after much Pinterest browsing research, I decided to give it a coat of white paint around the exterior, and it looks really awesome…

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 370


Overall, I’m pretty in love with the room. And never fear – we didn’t get rid of the super comfy and pretty white floral sofa… it just found a new home down in the basement rec room!

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 374

I think it will be a lot easier to keep clean down there… the kids never bring food or drinks down there and while I was having to wash the slip cover every week before, it’s been down there for almost a month now and I haven’t had to clean it yet other than the odd vacuuming of pet hair! HOORAY!  And the living room upstairs has been so much easier to keep clean too… this new sofa is very forgiving and I am so happy with it.

Still lots I want to do, but overall I really do like how the main floor is coming along. Considering it was a sea of red and brown just a short time ago, I think it’s come a long way! (Seriously – click that link above with caution. You’ve been warned. It’s not good.)

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 364

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 359

So there’s my little surprise living room makeover… again. Seems like I just did a reveal of this room like two months ago!!
I guess I’d better go update the House Tour page… lol


  1. says

    Why can’t I find a great couch like that? Even for triple that amount! Gah! I need to employ you to find me a new couch lol
    New design looks great! Now all you need is some vinyl decals for those walls 😉

    • says

      Happy to offer my services any time my friend.. lol
      And I already have some vinyl wording in the front hall… or I might consider that! ; )

    • says

      Thanks Carrie! I agree… and it frees me up to use pattern in other areas like the pillows and carpet which I’ve been dying to do!

  2. Dad says

    Don’t try to seal that “crack” between the two halves. It will never be solid and will end up cracking. That “crack” is part of it’s character… And don’t get rid of the pot burns/marks on its surface either.. part of its previous life.
    From the guy who spent days stripping it, staining it and “cuttting it down”…

  3. says

    You crack me up! Mostly because you remind me of me (andyourefunnytoo). We had a similar switch of our living room about a year ago… New sofa, new look. Sometimes you just gotta do it. I love how it’s turning out! Much more streamlined but still so cozy. Well played, Mary Beth! :)

    • says

      Hahaha yes this is why we get on so well – great minds think alike and all. I really wasn’t planning another overhaul but man I could not pass up that sofa!


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