Makin’ Memories…

I have to admit… I had serious anxiety when it came to preparing for this past weekend.

I mean come on – 21 people at ONE COTTAGE for THREE DAYS? OMG. My kids still nap, my littlest still wakes up in the night, and I just don’t deal well with stressful situations in general. lol.

But my goodness that was a great time. Can we do it again?!?

I guess I should back up a bit and explain how this all came to be. On my mom’s side of the family I have a step dad and three siblings that are his kids from a previous marriage. My sister (I never use the word “step”, just my own personal thing) and her husband have a beautiful cottage that they spend a lot of time at with their two teenage sons.

They decided that it might be fun to host a weekend where ALL of us went up there, and that is indeed what we did!

My two brothers are twins, and they have two wives and five kids between them. Add it all up, and you’ve got one big crew!  Our first night there was Friday, and there were a total of 15 people and two dogs. My one brother didn’t make it up there until Saturday and then the group was complete! 11 adults, 10 kids, three dogs… and lots of fun. Alright now, brace yourself for a seriously photo-heavy post!!!

We arrived on Friday afternoon, and immediately it was just so relaxing and lovely!

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 412

 Even the kids were chilled out… lol. It’s so special to me to see how close the cousins are, that’s how I grew up and I loved it!

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 443

My little man was SO excited to fish with his daddy.

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 457

And of course no cottage weekend is complete without a camp fire…

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 516

… and some S’mores!

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 526

I admit that I had more than one moment of feeling like I was in a movie…

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 537

And then the sun began to set, and I was convinced that I was!

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 475

My brother in law had one stipulation when choosing this cottage: there needed to be a sunset over the water.

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 481

And now I really, truly understand why…

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 482

This is one of my favourite pics… each night, my brother in law sits by the water and enjoys the sunset that he is so happy to have in his backyard:

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 509

Day Two: Ella wakes up at 6am…

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 553

When you have 21 people staying at the same cottage, you gotta split ’em up.

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 572

Mommy and Ella took the bunkie, Daddy and Callum took the tent, and Taya was in the main cottage.
On Saturday morning, Cal reeeeeeally wanted his cousins to wake up…

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 579

And once everyone was awake, the fun began! Gorgeous weather meant lots of swimming and time out on the boat.
We MAY have almost lost my niece at one point – lol – okay, we did… but we picked her up and off they went again!

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 605

And heck, even I got in on the tubing action with my niece and daughter!

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 638

All the action and fresh air was just too much for some people I guess…

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 644

But once back on land, the fun continued as the rest of the family arrived!

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 707

The girls took the paddle boat out to a little island and naturally got stuck… so the boys kayaked out to rescue them…

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 756

We celebrated my nephew’s birthday by the fire…

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 751

… and spent another beautiful evening watching the sun go down.

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 757

The next morning we had a big family breakfast and the girls begged to go tubing once more…

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 768

And then it was time to pack up and head out! The little ones were asleep before we even hit the main road…

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 775

And now? Well, we’re back home.. safe and sound! Reminiscing about the amazing weekend we had, and dealing with the aftermath…

Aug 1 2014 (McVeigh cottage) 799

Cottage bugs are SO MEAN.
So that was our epic long weekend! Oh and did I mention that Alex and I celebrated out 5th wedding anniversary on Friday?
What a great way to celebrate!!! Hope everyone had as lovely a weekend as we did.

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