Mish Mash Monday!

No, don’t worry.. this won’t be a weekly “thing”… lol. I’m just trying to get caught up after taking a little vacay, so this week will likely be a bunch of updates on the projects I’ve been working on. I vanished for a little bit because at the last minute the hubs decided to take last week off of work and we packed the van full of kids and dogs and off we went to my dad’s cottage!

samsung july 21 2014 366

It was absolutely crazy and a ridiculous amount of effort for the actual time we spent up there, but the kids had a ball and it was pretty great to get away and not have to spend every minute entertaining toddlers and cleaning my house!

Oops.. sorry daddy… this is as good as it gets I guess!

samsung july 21 2014 468

Before we left, our new *CUSTOM* (teehee!!!) bathroom vanity was delivered and installed, and let me say… it’s AWESOME and I LOVE it! Here is a before & after so you can see why I just stand in there gazing at it until someone cries for me…

samsung july 21 2014 059

We also purchased and installed a new sink and faucet, and I can’t believe how seriously excited I am about it. It’s embarrassing. Really. I’ve never had anything in my homes other than builder stuff, so to have something like this is just decadent, I’m not even kidding… here are my new babies:

samsung july 21 2014 301

So that’s it for reno updates – for now! I’m not going to post anything else bathroom related now until it’s DONE! Ya gotta leave a little something to the imagination, ya know? What’s left now is finishing the wallpaper, added some glass tile backsplash (an amazing ReStore find this past week!) and then adding the final touches like the valance, shelves and decor. I have everything ready to go, and in hindsight maybe we should have spent hubby’s week off finishing this stuff instead of going away? Oh well… it will get done. Whatareyagonnado?

Other than the bathroom reno, I’ve been plugging away on all my little bits and pieces that always keep me from doing housework happy! Today, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Fish:

samsung july 21 2014 080

He’s ugly. He’s totally 80’s, he’s brassy and he’s pretty much just awful. But when I saw him at the thrift store I knew he had potential! I brought him home, cleaned him off and gave him a coat of my new favourite colour – Lagoon by Rustoleum – and he got pretty handsome! He’s been living happily on a shelf in our bookcase for a few days now, and I think I like him a lot.

samsung july 21 2014 527

I also gave my kitchen utensil holder a sever case of multiple personality disorder when I attacked it with the spray paint as well.. LOL. As you may recall, I went through a 20 year phase where everything was earth toned and RUSTIC. (Thank god I’ve moved past that…) so when I picked up this pretty little pot from HomeSense about seven years ago it looked like this:

iPhone pics June 2013 128

Forgive the grainy photos… I had to snag the images from the background of other pics…

So then a few months ago in my “Colour Induced Haze” I spontaneously spray painted it silver:

iPhone Pics Oct 30 2013 053

I’m not sure why I did it… lol. I just needed it to not be RED anymore!! But yesterday I looked at it and realized that it still didn’t look right. Basically everything in my path these days is being painted in “Lagoon”… so, you might not want to come visit for a while. Just sayin’.

samsung july 21 2014 531

Ahhhh… there we go!

samsung july 21 2014 530


Now I’m happy. It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do, isn’t it?!

Spray paint a thrift store find for a HomeGoods look!

I have a lot of grey and green happening on the main floor, so I’m trying to add some more colour where I can. I also found these goblet style glasses as the Salvation Army this weekend – can’t wait to clean them up and display them on the white shelves in the dining room!

samsung july 21 2014 533

So there’s bit of a hodge podge update… I have a LOT more but to put it all in one post would be weird. I mean, even weirder than this one.
If that’s possible.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and I’m so happy to be home and up to my eyeballs in all my madness once again!


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      Haha yes it is a really pretty colour.. and thanks! I’m happy to be back but it was a lovely little break. Hope you had a great weekend!

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