Counters and cabinets and cupboards – oh my!

Holy cow, I don’t even know where to begin with this one! To bring you up to speed, let’s do a quick recap…

When we bought our house, the main bathroom (the ONLY one in the entire house other than a small powder room in the basement) looked like this:


After six years we finally decided to update it, and when we left off a few days ago, I was drowning in the reno and losing a bit of faith in the whole process. We had ripped out the original vanity, found a great one at the ReStore, then discovered it wouldn’t work and dragged it all the way back. It was a mess, and 48 hours later we are still brushing our teeth in the kitchen sink, and our bathroom still looks like this:

samsung july 8 2014 022


But then a wee miracle happened, and that’s where this sad little tale of woe turns around. I got a phone call on Monday afternoon from my mom’s best friend, very curious to know why on EARTH I hadn’t called her when all this began. Why would I call her, you ask? Oh… because she and her husband own a CUSTOM CABINET COMPANY. *face palm* Oops. Forgot about that.

She asked what our budget was and immediately sent her husband over to take measurements. I was in awe… he came in, wrote down a few things, took a few measurements, told me to come into the showroom the following morning at 9 and then he was gone. He was like Santa!

It was magical.

So, yesterday morning I begged my mom to come along to wrangle my kids, and off we went to the Frendel Design Centre in Mississauga to select my cabinets and counter top! I felt like I was on a television show, and this place was UNBELIEVABLE. Let’s just take a moment to bask in the glory of their showroom…

samsung july 10 2014 044

Drooooooooool….. LOVE the sage-y grey bathroom cabs below:

samsung july 10 2014 027

Look at those light fixtures!!

samsung july 10 2014 032

The two-tone look is so hot right now… 

samsung july 10 2014 033

I tried to climb in this tub and my mom yelled at me.

samsung july 10 2014 025

I heart built ins!

samsung july 10 2014 043

Um, this island is the size of my ENTIRE KITCHEN…

samsung july 10 2014 030

Just perfect.

samsung july 10 2014 031

I’ll take one of everything.

Holy. Mother. This place was awesome and my son said, “I want to buy this house, but why are there so many kitchens??” LOL… me too, bud… me too. I hope to heck that someday we will have our “forever” house and we can go to Frendel for some serious kitchen and bathroom makeovers!

Oh, and in case they’re looking for an executive in a few years, I have the perfect candidate:

samsung july 10 2014 024

I also can assist in some promo pics for their next brochure…

samsung july 10 2014 041
So, to make a very long story short, here is what I selected:

This style of door:

samsung july 10 2014 049

But in this colour:

samsung july 10 2014 048

With this counter top:

samsung july 10 2014 050

I. am. so. excited.
We could have splurged and gone for granite, but I keep reminding Alex myself that all this work is simply to get the house ready for an eventual sale, hopefully next summer. So let’s save the fancy stuff for the next house! I think it’s going to look amazing, and while our original vanity was 37″ wide, the new one will be 60″!!! It’s going to straight over to the window, even incorporating the vent in the wall and adding tons more storage and counter space. HOORAY!

And get this… if all goes to plan, it will be here TODAY!

Because of that, I rushed out with the kids last night to buy a new sink so that I could give Tony the template and he could make the necessary cuts to the counter. Yup… once again we are stuck with something that isn’t going to work. LOL. Remember the solid surface one piece counter and sink we bought that served as our inspiration point?


Yah. It won’t work now that the counter is 60″ wide. NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING! The only bummer is that once again I cannot do a return. We bought this sink months and months ago, and I can’t even find the receipt. I’m just going to cross my fingers and hope that Lowes will give me store credit for it. In the meantime, we picked this little beauty up last night:

samsung july 10 2014 064

Nothing like running out to make a major purchase when your husband is out for drinks with a client working late and you have to bring the kids right at bedtime!

samsung july 10 2014 071

Such troopers!

Anyway I think it will look great with the new cabinets and counter, and I LOVE that it’s square – I think it looks much fancier than a little round sink.  And while I initially bought a cheap little faucet for it I think I will use my store credit to get something nicer. I mean, if we’re having all this custom work done I don’t want to cheapen it, ya know?

So, that’s where we stand today. This has been a LOT of work for poor me. LOL… All this running around with toddlers in tow has been exhausting but I am so crazy excited to see this bathroom when it’s complete. I’ve never done any kind of renovation before, much less had something custom built for our home!! I cannot wait to share the finished product and I am so super grateful for my “other mother” Carole and her hubby Tony for doing this all so quickly for us. Not having a working bathroom with three kids is a little rough.

Off we go to bring back the first sink and beg for credit… put on your cute faces, kids!!

ps – I was not paid or compensated in any way to share my love of Frendel Kitchens, I was just blown away by their showroom and how helpful everyone was, I couldn’t wait to share the photos and my excitement that my little bathroom story has a happy ending! Yay me!


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    Yay! So happy for you and can’t wait to see it! Also, Lowes once took back a faucet set of mine TWO YEARS after I bought it without a receipt. I think as long as they still carry it they’ll take it back for store credit. :)

    • says

      Thanks Christina! I’m heading there soon so fingers crossed.
      Can’t wait to see the vanity it’s way too exciting. Lol

  2. says

    What a beautiful place! I will keep them in mind when my kids are bigger and we can afford to renovate – the upstairs bathroom might be worse than your’s.
    And I’ve also returned something close to a year later to Lowe’s without a receipt and they gave me store credit. Good luck!

    • says

      I’m pretty sure that Lowes will be cool with giving me credit… it wasn’t too long ago and they still sell the sink so it should be ok.
      I’d definitely remember Frendel when the time comes – they’re the absolute best!


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