Bathroom Update!

Spoiler alert – it sucks. Our bathroom started out decent enough. The style definitely wasn’t ours but it wasn’t so awful that we couldn’t live with it.

So live with it we did…


for six years…



Until finally a few months I just couldn’t take it anymore and started tearing it apart. (My excited post about that can be found HERE.) So off I went, ripping off ugly maroon wallpaper and throwing out dusty old window valances – hooray! It was a process, and I knew it would take time, but I was cool with that. We selected a solid surface sink and countertop from Lowes, and I started to “build” my idea of the bathroom around it:


So pretty! So beachy! So EXCITED! I put together my mood boards and got busy buying lots of stuff that didn’t really matter – wheeeeeee!

iPhone pics March 8 2014 262

I tend to jump ahead to the fun part and avoid the work sometimes… I mean, shopping is FUN! Can you blame me? So, I spent a few weeks gazing at my pretty little things and not doing much else in there. Finally, my mom stepped in and said “Um, you need WALLPAPER in here, B!” and up it went. You can see it above, it’s a beautiful grass cloth paper by Allen & Roth and I love it. I needed something with texture since the walls in this old house are ridiculously bumpy in places – especially the bathroom. So once that was done we went through a period of “Well we can’t finish all the trim until we put the new sink in, but we can’t put the new sink on the vanity until we get a new drain…” etc, etc, etc.

This put us off for another month, and during the time we had a problem. One day I came downstairs and saw water dripping from our kitchen ceiling. A lot of water. Like, a BUCKET of water. I cleaned it up and turned off the pipes, but the vanity that we were planning to reuse was ruined.

Sigh. It was like the ONE PLACE I was managing to save some money… I had painted it and it was going to work just fine!

vanity side by side But nope… now it was garbage. This past weekend we were hemming and hawing over what to do about it, when I happened to drive past a new Habitat for Humanity ReStore a few towns away as I was coming back from my daughter’s soccer game. “Why not?” I thought… so I popped in.


samsung july 8 2014 007

Yes yes yes OMG yes! I was so excited… it was perfect and it even came with the damn basket! LOL… I called my hubby and got the green light. The best part? The retail price was $260 but the ReStore price was $100 – no tax. What a deal, I was so happy and I knew it would look amazing with the counter/sink that we had! I brought it home and within an hour the bathroom looked like this:

samsung july 8 2014 022

Oh boy… this is commitment – we’re really in it now!

samsung july 8 2014 021

Doesn’t the wallpaper look awesome? And you can see to the right of the tub where I’ve begun to paint the paneling white.

So as you can see, the old vanity was ripped out, demo’d to pieces and removed. But there’s no happy ending to this story, because the new vanity doesn’t work. Nope, no joke. I wasn’t home so I’m not sure exactly what the issue was, but essentially the solid surface counter and sink that we have will NOT fit properly on top of it. So, the bathroom is pretty much non-functional and the vanity has been loaded back into my van to be returned.

Oh, did I say returned? I meant exchanged for store credit, because that’s their policy. SOB. I can’t even get my money back. And did I mention that the only other bathroom we have in this house is in the basement? Yah… it’s a grand ol’ time around here these days! lol… oh well, we shall survive.

So that’s my bathroom update – I warned you that it sucked! At least the wallpaper is up and I can see that when it finally gets done it WILL look awesome. Worst case scenario we have to spend a few hundred to get a brand new vanity = not the end of the world. I was just so excited to find such a nice piece for such a great price. Today I am heading two towns over to take the darn thing back, and hopefully within the next day or so we will have its replacement, so stay tuned!

Oh and as always, I had to salvage a piece of the original to use for a future project…

samsung july 8 2014 023

Yup – this former front panel from the old vanity will eventually be painted and made into a lovely rack with vintage hooks!

Anyone else working on a bathroom remodel? This is the first real “reno” we’ve ever taken on… so far it’s not going so well! LOL.
Have a good one!



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