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Sitting down at the computer and starting it up was literally the equivalent of getting a massage for me just now. The last few weeks I haven’t had much to say. I’ve doubted the value of blogging and questioned why anyone would ever care what I have to say about anything… but it doesn’t matter, because the feeling I got just now when I logged in was all I needed! :)

I love writing, I love sharing, and that’s enough for me.

I’ve been pretty unmotivated lately – as my absence accurately indicates.. lol – and it’s been tough. I just can’t keep up the pace of doing a project every day and then writing out the process and details. Especially now that school is out and I have all three kids home, it’s just a mad house here.

So, my pace will slow – at least for summer – which kind of sucks. I hate when I check my favourite blogs all the time and there’s no updates. It’s one of the reasons I fell hard for YHL – the daily posts were awesome and quenched my blog thirst! I have always wanted to be like that and share new posts daily for anyone out there who, like me, can’t get enough of ANY kind of blog, but it’s just not realistic for my life right now.

Oh well… I’m assuming someone cares – lol – let’s not get ahead of ourselves here!

Anyway I am here today, and am excited to share the cutest little set of tables I scored a few months back. They were posted on an auction site that I frequent, and I got two of them (identical) for $10. They sat in storage for some time, I wasn’t sure what to do with them and they were a little shorter than I realized. I initially wanted to use them as bedside tables, but the height just wasn’t enough and, let’s be honest, we need all the storage we can get around here. So, they sat. Until yesterday!

samsung july 4 2014 230

Well that worked out nicely, didn’t it? lol… The wood on the top of the table matches the wood of the chair perfectly, and the green even ties in with the room’s accent colour! I only brought out one, I’d love to use them both in the living room but there just isn’t room for the other one right now. I love the base on it! At first glance it appears to sit on the square bottom, but in fact the square rests on these wooden balls and it’s so neat. It’s the perfect little side table for this chair. (Forgive these grainy pictures… I don’t know what happened and being unmotivated I don’t really care. LOL)

side table

The top definitely needs some work… both of them look like this and will need to be sanded down and either restained or painted. Which one I choose will depend on where they end up living permanently. If they stay in here I will keep the wood for sure!

samsung july 4 2014 232

But, for now I’ve made my little blogging corner even better – and yes, I’ve added yet another lamp! It’s a thrift store find that I painted and added a funky blue/green shade to. The shade was on clearance at Target for $7, and since I have two of these lamps I grabbed two of the shades! The lamp is a little big for the small table, but again… not really caring right now. haha. I like it, so there.

more little tables 003

You can read about the amazing makeover that I gave these lamps HERE – it’s one of very favourite transformations that I’ve done!!

I hope that all of my wonderful friends, family and readers in the US have a happy and safe 4th of July… and hopefully I can leave this blogging funk behind me and get back to down to business!


  1. says

    Hi Mary Beth
    I totally understand the blog funk. I get into those also. I could never keep up with the pros but I guess I never wanted to. I enjoy my blog as a hobby.
    I did however want to say that I do enjoy your posts and look forward to reading. I am a new follower I stumbled across you a few months ago. Keep up the great work and those little tables were a great find indeed. Like you I dumpster drive and am not afraid to admit it. Got some great things that way. Hope you have a great day. Cheers.

    • says

      Thanks Lesley! I think that’s what I have to remember.. at the end of the day I blog for ME and if I force it then it’s not fun anymore.
      *Dumpster Divers Forever* LOL!

  2. says

    I can totally relate to the slower pace as of late. Sometimes life just gets in the way. I’ve learned though, that even when my favorite blogs slow, I still look forward to getting that email notification of a new post. Doesn’t seem to matter to me. I’d almost prefer less frequent posts to ones of less quality. I really hope that my (teeny) following feels that way, too. Heehee! Always look forward to your posts, Mary Beth, and can’t wait to see what you do with the table! :)

  3. says

    I was hoping to see you at the fundraiser and when I didn’t, I realized I hadn’t seen anything from you in awhile. I hear you on no motivation and kids home from summer. I’ve got my two plus two more. Sometimes I’m able to plan and implement activities but most of the time it’s them playing and me cleaning up :)

    • says

      Yah having all the kids here is pretty intense.. lol Taya is with her dad all next week so I will just have the Littles to entertain for a few days… really not any easier. LOL

  4. Sally says

    Mary Beth, I too stumbled upon your blog back a month or so ago, I love it,
    Every day I am looking for a new post from you, so fun to read your blog, your writing is amazing!

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