Nailed it!

No really… I did. Lately this expression seems to be used mainly for failed Pinterest experiments, lol, but today I am sincere.

I weighed in on Saturday for the first time at Weight Watchers. I joined the Saturday prior and was SO diligent about eating well, tracking my food and exercising as much as possible.

And like I said… NAILED IT!!!!

weight loss

I am so proud of myself for having such a strong start. I know from experience that the first week is usually the biggest loss, but this was more than I expected! I didn’t even feel deprived or like I was “dieting”. I ate well and was always full. I’m SO happy and feeling super motivated.

I can’t give up this time – I just CAN’T. I am so tired of hating how I feel and refusing to wear tank tops. I want to wear cute little dresses with straps and little leggings with ballet flats and flowy tops… seriously, people.. I have a vision. I’ve found that smoothies are DEFINITELY my friend. My saviour, in fact. You can throw pretty much anything in there and if you add a handful of spinach or kale even better. I’ve been walking, wearing my pedometer and trying to hit my 10,000 steps each day. I’ve been doing squats, lunges and sit ups, and just generally trying to squeeze in movement whenever I can.

Here are a few more tips I’ve picked up over the last week that I find helpful:

– I brush my teeth IMMEDIATELY after dinner. Maybe I’m lazy but if I do that, I won’t eat anything else because I don’t want to be bothered brushing them again. lol

– I eat big in the morning, and taper off to smaller meals as the day goes on. People often have a smoothie for breakfast but I have mine for lunch and sometimes even dinner. I don’t want to eat the bulk of my fat and calories right before I lie down for eight hours, you know?

– I hate water. HATE IT. So I add the flavouring that you can buy now. There are a million kinds out there and they make it a lot easier for me to drink as much as I need to.

– I always have a healthy snack on me. ALWAYS. Never know when it will hit you.

– Last night we were out celebrating my sister’s wedding at a lovely Italian restaurant. As soon as my dinner arrived I pushed half of it to one side to box up and ate the other half. No one needs that much food in one sitting.

One thing I refuse to compromise on? Parking. LOL. People say park far away and walk… Nope. If there was parking in the Olympics I would win gold. I am the best parker ever. I get the BEST spots every time and it’s seriously one of the joys in my life.

They may take my food, but they will never take my parking!!!!!!

Sorry, very dramatic but I seriously have mad parking lot skillz. With a “z”. They’re THAT good.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I REALLY hope that I can report back in a week with another loss. In the meantime, if anyone has any tips or recipes that might help, please share! And I will try to get back to my DIY madness this week, I know it’s been a while and I miss being covered in glue and paint.
: )


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    Wow, you go girl!! You certainly did nail it! 6.6 is amazing for your first week. Sounds like you’re already building some excellent healthy habits too! I’m working on my water consumption, like you I also HATE water….I have to use propel or crystal light packets in order for me to drink it….but I still need to be drinking more. Ugh, I feel like I’m drowning sometimes! Keep it up!

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