100 Things About Me…

1. My dream job would be a writer for People magazine.

2. They have published six of my letters.


3. My husband was so excited that my engagement ring arrived that he proposed to me in the driveway through my open car door and my seat belt was still on.

4. I love vacuuming.

5. Folding and putting away laundry is my most hated household chore. I’d rather scrub a toilet.

6. My favourite season is fall because I like the clothing the best.

7. I don’t drink. It’s not a statement or anything, I just don’t really like it and have maybe three alcoholic drinks a year.

8. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a child. I’ve never liked my body (other than a brief, amazing stint I had in the summer of 2002).

9. I don’t like candy. (Gummies, lollipops, licorice, etc)

10. My preferred coffee is double/double.

11. My favourite movie is “The Goonies”. goonies

12. “Lucas” is a close second, followed by “Father of the Bride”, “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “Circle of Friends”.

13. I hate video games.

14. My favourite exercise is to blast music and dance when no one is home.

15. I am 5’5 and a half.

16. I was born April 12th, 1977.

17 I am two years older than my husband.

18. I met my husband when he was university roommates with my cousin Greg and we knew each other casually for four years before we dated.

19. My parents divorced when I was in kindergarten.

20. My dad remarried when I was nine and I have a 27 year old sister from that marriage.

21. My mom remarried when I was 12 and I have an older sister and two older twin brothers from that marriage. (Plus five nephews and two nieces!)

22. Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – means more to me than my family.

23. I don’t use the term “step” or “half” for my siblings. They are my brothers and sisters, always have been.

24. Christmas is my favourite holiday, but also makes me sad and long for lost family members and childhood memories.

25. I hate when people are angry with me.

26. I didn’t come up with any of my kids’ names.

27. I’ve never seen “Jaws”, or any of the “Rocky” movies and I have no idea what the story of “Alice in Wonderland” is. Never read it.

28. I have three tattoos and I regret two of them.

29. I have horrible eyebrows. HORRIBLE. People tell me to stop tweezing them but they literally grow in completely crooked and they’re the bane of my existence.

30. If I could change one thing about myself it would be my sensitivity. I cry too much and take things too personally.

31. One of my good friends ended our friendship a year ago and it still hurts.

32. I’m not “outdoorsy”.

33. My husband wishes I was.

34. I could live on chocolate milk, hot dogs and grilled cheese. Literally. And I wonder why I got fat…

35. I am an introvert and LOVE being alone.

36. My favourite food is Italian.

37. My favourite song is “Sweet Home Alabama”. I don’t know why but it’s my favourite since high school.

38. The first dance at our Wedding was “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz.


39. The last dance was “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson.

40. We spent our honeymoon at Sandals in the Bahamas.

41. We will be married five years this August 1st.

42. Our son was born nine months and three days after the wedding. LOL.

43. My perfect night out is dinner and a movie.

44. The above has happened twice in the last four years.

45. I drive a 12 year old Pontiac Montana and can’t wait to get a shiny new SUV one day!

46. Each of my kids has two middle names.

47. My “real” name is Mary Elizabeth but I’ve never, ever been called that.

48. Most people call me B. Second most popular is MB. A few super close people call me Mare.

49. My mom’s name is Mary Margaret and my step dad calls her Mare too, which gets confusing.

50. I’ve never broken a bone except for in my feet, and I’ve broken like 10 of those.

51. I’m very klutzy.

52. I don’t believe in astrology.

53. I am not very religious, but respect everyone’s right to believe in what they choose to believe in.

54. I was raised Catholic.

55. My background is Irish, Croatian and English.

56. I DESPISE jeans and denim in general. It’s tight, hot, and never fits properly. I will buy jeans but only the paper thin kind.

57. I haven’t worn high heels in years and I’m not even sure I could anymore.

58. I am passionate about ending drunk driving, properly securing children in cars, and learning FACTS before spreading garbage on the internet.

59. I actually dated my teen idol very briefly when I was 25.

60. I’d give anything to go back in time and tell my 13 year old self that it would happen!!

61. My ultimate indulgence is a pedicure.

62. I am terrified of spiders.

63. I love thunderstorms.

64. I HATE sand. Hate it!!!!!!

65. I ordered Netflix just so I could go back and re-watch the original Beverly Hills, 90210.

66. I still miss “Friends”.

67. When I was in kindergarten my mom would put me down for a nap after lunch, and I would sit at the top of the stairs and watch “Y&R” over her shoulder.

68. My earliest memory is my dad taking me to Canadian Tire every Saturday morning.

69. If I won a huge lottery I would buy a CRAZY tricked out RV and drive all over North America.

70. I’ve never been to Vegas and couldn’t care less about it.

71. My mom calls me every year on my birthday at exactly 7:48pm, the time I was born.

72. I don’t like floral scents. I like “yummy” smells like vanilla and apples.

73. My favourite flower is the Peony, and I was devastated to learn they weren’t in season for my wedding.


74. I visited “Ground Zero” six months after the attacks and it was absolutely haunting.

75. The morning of the 9/11 attacks my office in downtown Toronto was evacuated. The building was called the International Trade Center.

76. My biggest pet peeve is sticky hands – on both me and my kids.

77. I suffer from migraines. They are the devil.

78. I am insanely, completely, cripplingly afraid of flying.

79. The last time I was on a plane was when I returned from my honeymoon.

80. I am not superstitious.

81. Lip balm is like oxygen to me.

82. If there is a decade I was meant to live in, it’s the 50s.

83. I desperately want to learn to dance the Jive and learn a routine to “Rock Around the Clock”.

84. My first celebrity crush was Kirk Cameron.


85. I’ve never liked or dated a guy with blond hair.

86. I LOVE driving. Ever since I got my license at 16 I’ve been behind the wheel. I will drive anywhere in any weather.

87. I worry a lot about what other people think of me, and I hate it.

88. I won tickets to a Sting concert years ago by singing live on the radio. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

89. I worked at the Gap in high school.

90. I was never part of a “clique” growing up, I had friends but always felt slightly left out.

91. I had a reputation as a goody goody, and I think it has followed me into adulthood.

92. I’ve never been arrested or had a car accident, but I’ve gotten plenty of speeding tickets. (All before having kids)

93. I believe very strongly that you get more bees with honey than vinegar.

94. I don’t have a favourite colour.

95. I’ve never been to Europe.

96. I’m TERRIBLE at math.

97. If “Overboard” is on television I MUST WATCH IT.


98. When I was a kid I was allowed to stay up late to watch “Moonlighting”, “The A Team”, “Miami Vice” and “Airwolf”.

99. The song that is most often stuck in my head is “Yesterday” by the Beatles.

100. I love my babies so much that sometimes I look at them and get tears in my eyes. I breathe for them.

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!


  1. christina colucci says

    Wow so many of these describe me exactly! I’m so glad there is someone else out there who loves to vacuum. Its therapeutic for me :)

    • says

      Oh my gosh Mei you’re such a doll. Do you still have my email? Can you resend a note I cannot find yours anywhere! I’d love to get together this summer we’ve been talking about it for too long!

    • says

      Haha you’ll have to wander on over to my Pinterest page and check out my “Bucket List”.. that should help.
      ; )

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