Teacher… Protector… Friend…

I plan to be back to my regular posting schedule next week, but since Father’s Day is upon us this weekend I thought I would share one of my more special entries once more!  (There’s a link at the bottom of this post)

Fathers and their kids can have quite a complex relationship, and in my house it is usually even more complicated. My 10 year old HAS a dad, one that she loves dearly and spends a lot of time with. So where does that leave my husband? Well… the answer isn’t always clear, but I will tell you this.

He tries.

alex 2

He tries to be a friend without being too lax, he tries to be a father without ever trying to replace the one that she has, and he tries to be loving and protective and teach her life’s important lessons, without it being overkill or intrusive. It’s tough. In fact I’d confidently say it’s damn near impossible.

But he tries.

alex 1

My husband is a son, a brother, an uncle, a husband and a father. He wears many different hats, among them the sole breadwinner for this family. It’s a multifaceted home we have created, one with continually moving parts, and all we can do is try.

alex ella

alex cal2


I wish ALL the fathers out there a wonderful Father’s Day on Sunday. The step dads, the birth dads, the brothers who are the men of the house and yes – all the moms who are BOTH roles to their beautiful babies. You are appreciated and loved, and this mom – and these kids! – thank you.





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