Blue Lagoon

Good morning, all! I am spending today playing with my kids – it’s been decided. House work and grocery shopping and all of that can wait. It’s so gorgeous outside and the sun is calling us! But first, let me take a selfie I wanted to share a little project I did yesterday that has brought a little bit of sunshine inside.

I was at my mom’s last week and saw this sitting on her counter:

samsung june 5 2014 042

I wasn’t sure why it caught my eye, but I really liked it and when she said she wasn’t using it I asked if I could have it. Gotta love moms. So I brought it home and just sat it on a side table for a few days while I figured out how I could make it over. I’m always so tempted to paint things white. Or grey. It has to stop, I really need an intervention. So I was determined to stay away from that! I’ve been wanting to bring some aqua blue tones into the house for a while now, but in subtle ways so I didn’t want to go nuts and paint a wall or recover my sofa… that lead me to THIS… which might be my new favourite paint colour:

samsung june 5 2014 043

It’s called “Lagoon” by Rust-Oleum and it’s just gorgeous. I love it so much I might also use it on the amazing wicker chairs I scored from the trash for the backyard. I took my little, what is it, a tray? out onto the driveway and sprayed it down. You guys, this paint looks sooooooooo good. I wanted to eat it. Or something.

samsung june 5 2014 045

But I didn’t.

I did, however, spray down a few other found objects around the house because I just HAD to use that colour some more. But it turned out really well, and I love how rich and glossy it is!

samsung june 5 2014 050

When it was dry, I brought it inside and then had the job of figuring out what to do with it! LOL… I had no clue where I wanted it to go, so I tried out a few different spots…

First I replaced our little key basket by the front door:

samsung june 5 2014 055

Then I added some cute little milk jars with flowers and I thought it might look nice as a centre piece on the burlap runner on the dining room table:
(and yes, I will replace the daisies with real flowers)

samsung june 5 2014 059

But the scale of that seemed off, it was too small for such a large table with six chairs. So I had one last idea. Remember the little window in my front hall? That’s where my little paint project currently lives:

samsung june 5 2014 066

samsung june 5 2014 068

I like it there! It’s a nice little greeting when you walk in the front door, and so for now that’s where it shall stay. What do you think? Did I make the right call or did it look better in one of the other spots? Or maybe I am overlooking some awesome use for it altogether… lol. Lemme know!


I’m thinking that at some point it might sit in my kitchen window with some herbs growing it it, but I kind of have to learn how to do that first.


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    I love it! It looks so fresh and spring-like and with those milk jars, you could put hundreds of things in there to go with the seasons. You could even poke holes in the bottom, stick is on a clear plate or something and plant real flowers in there. That blue colour is amazing too.

    • says

      Super easy, and what I like best is that it sprays however you’re holding the can – upsides and sideways, doesn’t matter!

  2. says

    What a fun little makeover! I like how it’s simple, functional, and fast! I need to attempt more of these types of DIY home projects.

  3. says

    I love that blue color! And I think the tray and flowers looks good in front of that little window.

    Oh and Hi! I just started reading your blog a few days ago, but this is my first comment.

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