Fully “Recovered”

What a weekend. Why do they always seem so BUSY these days?? Soccer, birthday parties, dinners out, house work, yard work… it’s nuts. This one was no different, but still lots of fun. I even managed to eek out ONE project that I was hoping to get around to – hooray!

You know I love a simple, inexpensive redo that makes a big impact – so without further ado let me offer up my new hall bench!

samsung june 2 2014 162

This is NOT what it looked like two days ago. At that point it was just an ugly beige micro-suede fabric – with lots of stains and grime greeting everyone who entered our home. Nice.

samsung june 2 2014 151

But I figured I could do better than that, so I picked up a dollar store shower curtain and came up with a plan. Much like my kitchen valance, I chose a shower curtain because of its lack of absorbency. Having three kids and two dogs all over this thing it’s sure to get wet, muddy and have sippy cups tipping over on it. I took it outside and sprayed it with a few coats of Scotchguard and once it was dry I had a pretty durable surface that I should be able to just wipe clean when need be.

samsung june 2 2014 159

One it was ready, I simply flipped it over and removed the four screws that attached it to the metal base.

samsung june 2 2014 158

I learned long ago to never just place the screws on the table while I work… a small dish or even a ziplock bag keeps them together…

I laid out my fabric and placed the cushion upside down on top of it, being sure to centre it on the pattern so that it was even all the way around…

samsung june 2 2014 161

Then I cut the fabric to size and used my glue gun to pull the edges up and over before securing them to the bottom of the cushion. (I really do need a staple gun… I’m refinishing things like this more often now and the glue gun is really not the best solution.) When I flipped it over again it looked awesome! The pattern was nice and even and I couldn’t wait to get the bottom back on! Here it is looking lovely in my front hall:

samsung june 2 2014 167
Not too bad for dollar store fabric and 15 minutes of my time, I’d say! It’s such a nice, bright pattern and I love how cheery it is. Plus it will be so much easier to clean than the fake suede that WAS there before – yuck.

samsung june 2 2014 170 copy

I hope someone out there might find this handy… I know I’m very happy with how it turned out! Any DIY’ers out there get up to some projects this weekend? As always, I wanna know about it!
Happy Monday!

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