“T” is for… a few things! (Luckily)

The other day while at Michael’s I was wandering around as always do and I had an idea.

We have a window in our front hall that is responsible for about 80% of the light on our main floor. It’s a very hard working little window! However it also happens to be a south-facing window and typically spends every afternoon blinding anyone who dares to sit in the living room between 3 and 6pm. I don’t want to cover it though, since most of the time it’s awesome.

sumsung may 29 2014 103Do you just LOVE my little teeny weeny front hall closet? Yah. Five people and two dogs keep their gear in there. Can you say “FUTURE PROJECT”?

So anyway, with the hardest working brothers in show business window in mind, I picked up these wooden craft accessories…

sumsung may 29 2014 114

I’m very lucky in that “T” is not only the first letter of our family surname, but it’s also the first letter in TAYA! lol… she often feels frustrated that she is the only one in our home with a different last name, and I can relate since I grew up in the exact same scenario. My mom remarried when I was 12, and I was always the only “Dickinson” in a whole house with a different last name. But at the same time I would never have though to change my name – and neither would Taya. She’s super proud of her dad and his family, but I have always hesitated to put anything up around the house with our surname on it for fear of her feeling like an outsider – which obviously couldn’t be further from the truth!

So, working with my all-encompassing letter T was a great solution.

I got my simple supply list together and got busy with my little project:

sumsung may 29 2014 115

I painted the “T” a soft yellow and the back board the same grey as our walls. Then I used my van Gogh beeswax to seal it and also give it a bit of a rustic, worn in look. My trusty glue gun attached them together and then I also glued a piece of twine to the back so that I could hang it from an existing nail on the window sill.

Voila – a sweet little family plaque that represents everyone!

sumsung may 29 2014 118

And the bonus is that it helps block SOME of the light that streams into the front hall and living room. It’s perfect.

sumsung may 29 2014 130

The entire thing came to $4 and as always I love how little it costs to add something so nice to a space!

sumsung may 29 2014 131

I always think that it’s these little touches that make a house a home.
I’m off now to REALLY tackle some of my bigger projects that are needing attention. Nana has the little ones today, and I always take full advantage of an empty house.
Anyone else crafting up a storm today? Lemme know what you’re workin’ on!


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