Ice, Ice, Baby…

Yup… I’m old. It’s okay… back then it was a damn good song and you know you liked it too!

Sometimes, not often – but sometimes, I have the foresight to know that I’m looking at something pretty cool and I should take advantage because I will want to use it later. Most of my projects are pretty on-the-fly… I typically find a cool piece in someone’s trash at a second hand store and rush home to make it into something awesome, but once in a while I tuck something away for just the right time, which is what I was working with on this little project.

Let’s go back a few months, shall we? Picture it… Toronto, December 2013. If you live in this area you will CLEARLY recall the insane, crippling ice storm that we we oh so lucky to enjoy just two days before Christmas. You guys… I’m not talking freezing rain here. I’m talking no power for DAYS and cars and homes detroyed by massive, beautiful trees coming down due to the weight of the ice. It was absolutely nuts, and I literally had to escape with the kids to my mom’s house from the 22nd – 24th because we had no light, no heat, no nothin’. In some ways it WAS kind of awesome… my older sister and her family had to camp out there too, and waking up on Christmas Eve morning with all that family at my mom’s was pretty fun. I almost hoped that we’d have to sleep there that night too, but alas, our power came back on the morning of the 24th and we rushed home to clean and oh yah – wrap 827 gifts.

When we arrived home on Christmas Eve morning, this is what we saw:

Ice Storm Dec 22 2013 080Our poor house. Our poor trees! It was so sad.

Ice Storm Dec 22 2013 081Our front yard.

Seriously. It was so bad. And it wasn’t over… for a few days after we would constantly hear the cracking and crashing of more branches coming down. It was very creepy.

But all the while I was gazing at all those fallen branches thinking, “Gosh I could do SO much with all of that.” lol… Yup, in the midst of a city-wide crisis this is what goes through my mind. I made sure my hubby knew that when the time came, he was not to bundle those babies up until I had a chance to go through them and take what I wanted.

Side note: god how I wish this had happened while we I was planning our wedding… it would have saved a fortune on our centerpieces!!! Here is a photo from our reception:


Anyhoo, once the second coming of the ice age had passed, I got busy picking through the mess.

iphone Ap 9 2014 015

I put a bunch aside for future projects – mainly some awesome ideas I have for Christmas decor – and didn’t pull them out again until yesterday. When I did my living room reveal last week I was super happy to share my pretty new space, but I also noted that there were some areas lacking visual interest and texture. This is something that I will sort out over time, but for now I have a little addition in one corner:

samsung may 28 2014 069

I had this pretty little vase sitting empty on a shelf, so I got out some Krylon spray paint in “Heirloom White” and took some of the branches out back to transform them. It just took a few minutes and a couple of coats, and I was done!


It’s really cute and I love how it adds something vertical to the living room. I chose branches that arched intentionally to give it an imperfect look, and I really like how it turned out.

5Not a major change, but a cute one!

I sat the vase inside the wicker basket because I felt like the whole area needed something earthy to balance out the light colours. I added a few of our favourite books and my little blue bird to finish it off. (Funny story – there used to be two, I always said they were me and hubs, and one of them broke! lol)


So there’s my story of rescued branches turned into decor – Part 1. I have a big bunch of them still stored away, and lots of plans for them down the road! And it’s cheesy, but I have warm memories of that oh-so-cold week last Christmas, and I like that every time I look at them I will be reminded of those days.

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      Thanks Samantha! I literally think we could have saved over $1000.. lol
      And I’m glad you’re winter wasn’t quite as hair raising as ours was here, it was intense.

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    Something about painted branches is so whimsical and fun!! And I’m so jealous of your big trees! I may have lived another life in a forest. I like them THAT much. :)

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      Haha I have a great visual of you floating through the woods in an ethereal gown..
      And yah I love them. Hubby even likes them and says they look like coral!

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