Weekend Recap!

I’m not sure that titled deserved an exclamation point to be quite honest.. it really wasn’t that exciting, but still. Let’s pretend.

I feel like I had one of those weekends where I worked endlessly and got a whole lot of nothing done. I’m partway through about four different projects, and while I was hoping to complete at least ONE of them over the last few days, it didn’t happen. Oh well, progress is progress and I have come to accept the fact that I am one of those people who doesn’t just focus on one task until it’s complete (*ahem*bathroom*ahem*). I like to have lots on the go at any one time.

Being at home with the two younger kids it seems to make more sense that way. There are certain projects I can only work on when they’re napping (like painting and anything that requires my FULL attention) and then there are things I can only do when they’re awake like drilling and moving heavy furniture.  So, having more than one thing happening at any given time is smart since there’s always something I can be working on.

That totally makes sense in my head, anyway.

So this weekend I was busy with the following:

Backyard Patio Progress
You may remember me describing my mess of a patio after the long hard winter we had. I’ve been busy trying to clean up from that and make our patio a nice space that we actually want to use. I’ve ditched the standard table and chairs in favour of a little seating area that adds both comfort and colour. I’m loving it so far, but it’s FAR from complete!

samsung pt2 may  19 053

samsung pt2 may  19 055

Antique Dining Set – Prepping for Sale
I posted about this set before… The table was an amazing curbside find, and the chairs were a steal from an online ad. I’ve almost completed refinishing them so that they’re a beautifully matched set, and once I’m done I’m going to list them for sale.
The table base has been painted in Annie Sloan’s  “Old White” and then heavily distressed, while I’ve left the top in its original stained state.

samsung may 27 2014 078No pics of the finished product yet, I still have to put the table back together.

The chairs were pretty ugly. They were covered in a deep maroon fabric with a floral print – ick. I decided to leave the wood on the chairs pretty much alone, and just recover the seats in a fabric that was both neutral (for potential buyers) and light (to match the white base of the table). I found a drapery panel at the thrift store for $4.99, and it’s perfect!

samsung may 27 2014 121
I’ve only had time to recover two of the six chairs, but the new fabric looks really nice and I’m liking it!

samsung may 27 2014 127I will, of course, post a full update on the set once it’s all ready!!

Lantern Project
This one isn’t so much an update as a teaser… *muah ha ha* (that’s my evil laugh). My good friend was selling this on Facebook the other day, and I snapped it up immediately. I have a BIG plan for this beauty, and if all goes well it will be one of my best DIYs yet. I am super excited about this one.

samsung may 27 2014 118Any guesses as to what I’m up to with this guy?? Go ahead… give it a whirl!

I’ve ALSO been working hard at getting photos of all the rooms in here so I can finally have a completed House Tour. It’s so much harder than I thought – holy cow. Let me just be clear here and let you all know that these photos I will be posting are NOT an accurate depiction of what this house looks like on a daily basis. I should honestly do two side by side photos for each room.. HAHA… one of the “nice” room, and then one of what it normally looks like.

That’s actually an awesome idea, I am totally doing it.
I hope all my American friends had a great long weekend… it was so lovely here and after the winter we had I’ve vowed not to complain once about the heat all summer. Soakin’ it up, baby!

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    I hear ya on the house tour pics! They’re never an accurate depiction. I’m constantly kicking toys and random things out of frame to take ours. Haha! I love how the patio is turning out! Very cozy. :)

    • says

      Christina! I was wondering if you’d see this post.. lol what do YOU think I’m doing with that lantern???
      ; )
      Glad you like the patio.. I have tons more to do but it’s coming along!

      • says

        I am so excited… with your permission I will of course link back – such an AWESOME hack. : )

      • says

        Thank you… I’ve been working away at it today, not as simple to take apart as I’d hoped but it’s coming along. Lol
        Stay tuned!

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