Living Room Reveal

Well, I finally have a completed room in this house! At least for now. lol. Our living room has gone through an enormous transformation over the last six years. What started out as very plain and old fashioned has finally become a fresh, bright, open space for my family to gather and enjoy!

Here is what it looked like when we first visited the house back in July of 2008:


Then for a long time it was yellow. Yellow and dark and ugly.

iphone pics June 2012 212

But eventually I snapped out of that, and here is what it looks like now!

samsung may 23 2014 062

Hooray! I love it so much! And do you see that uber-fabulous mirror about the sofa? Well that is the lovely addition that I scored at HomeSense yesterday. Go figure – I stare at an empty wall for MONTHS… I spend my days searching for the perfect artwork/frames to fill the space and I come up empty handed over and over again – then I stumble upon something when I’m not even looking. I LOVE it and I think it’s awesome on that wall. It’s the first thing you see when you walk into the room (I’m standing in the doorway of the front hall to take this photo) and it’s a real statement piece.

Here’s another view:

samsung may 23 2014 059
In this pic you can also see the sofa tables that I built for the room… what a great addition they’ve been, I’m so happy to have them! The mirror goes nicely with the darker wood as well, including the coffee table and the tv console…

samsung may 23 2014 041
The lamps were another thrift store find. They were just a few dollars and I was going to paint them but I liked the white too much! I added some linen shades that I found at Walmart. My favourite thing about them is that the switch is on the base – no reaching up to turn them on and off!
(Yes I really am this lazy. I’m surprised I don’t have a Clapper)

I also have to give a special mention to one of my favourite additions… Mr. Pillow:

samsung may 23 2014 030I love this adorable throw pillow!! So sweet.

Here’s the other side of the room, taken from the corner of the sectional, and you can also see one of my favourite things about the house – the original glass door that leads into the front hall:

samsung may 23 2014 033
The archway to the left leads into the dining room

samsung may 15 2014 069
But back to the living room! The console under the television is something I found for $40 on Craigslist. It also came with a top hutch but I gave that away. It’s perfect for storing toys and books, and I love the mid-century look!

samsung may 23 2014 035

I’m so happy that I was able to create such a light and airy room. The big windows across the front of the house are one of the things I initially fell in love with when we first visited…

To frame them I just layered some inexpensive Ikea curtains and we also switched out the dated fabric blinds for more modern bamboo ones:


The sofa is great… it’s from Ikea and has served us VERY well. It’s great to be able to have the whole family snuggled up together, and I don’t even mind the white fabric. The pattern hides a multitude of sins and I wash it all the time with ease. Eventually I’d like to go with either an all white slip cover or a dark grey one… it’s the only thing that I don’t love about the room – the pattern prevents me from incorporating lots of other fun patterns on the pillows, drapes, carpet, etc.

But overall I am thrilled with everything. It’s definitely the most used room in the house and now I think it’s also the nicest!


So there you have it! An actual room “reveal”… I feel so fancy. I’m sure it’s not everyone’s taste but it makes me happy, and I think even the hubby likes it! It feels cozy and cottage-like, which is exactly what I was going for, so YAY for me!

I will likely still add a few things to the walls… there are a few spots that are calling for something and I’d also like to put up some framed  photos on the tables that run behind the sofas, but that will come over time.

I hope you liked this little tour… there will be more to come as I finish getting photos of the rest of the house! I hope you all have a great weekend, I’m going to go enjoy a coffee and gaze at my new mirror.

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    That mid-century console makes me drool!!! Love it!! Finding stuff like that down here is so cut-throat. Apparently everyone in Texas wants mid-century so you pretty much have to stalk Craigslist and jump immediately when you see something like that. :)

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    Great job!! It’s all about how a room makes you FEEL when you walk into it:) Enjoy and relax in your newly decorated space! Oooh, I just loveeee that feeling!!


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