Shower Curtain Valance

Where I live there aren’t a ton of fabric stores. I could venture into Toronto – trust me, I would love nothing more! – but it’s just not usually feasible. Fabricland is my local shop, and I do often find what I need there, but not always.

Do you ever notice that items like curtains, table cloths and even shower curtains are the things with the coolest patterns on them? I often look at a shower curtain and think “Ok now THAT is a fabric I wish I could find!”

Well… once in a while I guess I have a decent idea, and I recently decided to throw caution to the wind and actually make a valance for my kitchen window out of – wait for it – a shower curtain.

samsung may 22 2014 051It looks like a bad paint job up at the ceiling, but it`s just a shadow from the gathers of the valance.

Pretty cool, if I do say so myself! It was one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done, and as far as “bang for your buck” goes, I couldn’t be happier. I was at a bed & bath store near my house and the pattern on this shower curtain caught my eye. I knew it would be perfect in my newly painted kitchen, and I had been looking for a fabric to make a new valance with.

Here is the “before” of the kitchen, complete with original cupboards, wall colour and of course valance:

Original - sink

It was all quite “blah” and not my taste at all. So the cupboard got a fresh coat of paint, as did the walls… and then I made the valance to go along with it!

iPhone Pics Oct 30 2013 057

The list of supplies was pretty small…

curtain rod:

shower curtain:

samsung may 22 2014 054
iron-on adhesive:


I simply cut the shower curtain to size, and created a hem using the iron-on. I used the existing opening at the top of the curtain to thread the rod through, and that was it!

samsung may 22 2014 053
It ads some great colour to the room and really brightens it up, and it cost a total of $10. I also like that it`s such a resilient material seeing as it`s in the kitchen and often exposed to steam and splashing food. Yes – even way up there.

samsung may 22 2014 052

But it really did finish off the room so nicely, and I always love knowing that I made something myself. I did keep the unused portion of it as well. I have a feeling I will find something to do with it! Up next I`m thinking of recovering my dining chair seat cushions in my favourite Ikea drapes – a $50 pair would do all six chairs!

It`s the little things that excite me.
Have a wonderful day!



  1. Diane says

    I did the same thing in my kitchen! I found a shower curtain with a great print at Target and used the iron-on stuff to hem it. You’re totally right about shower curtains having the best prints.

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