Wish List Wednesday – Kitchen Envy

This past Saturday I had an awesome afternoon of bonding with my big girl Taya. She’s 10 now (what?!?) and it’s important that we stay connected and have time on our own. It can be tough… for a long time it was just the two of us, and now she’s competing for mom’s attention with a step dad and two little toddlers. So, I try to make sure that once a month or so we head out for some time, just us.

This particular “Mommy & Taya Day” (as they are so originally called) was spent doing shopping and lunching at Ikea, followed by some seriously overdue hair cuts for the both of us (and highlights for mama!). Our Ikea excursion was brief, but not so brief that I couldn’t fall HEAD OVER HEELS in love with the absolute kitchen of my dreams. I’m not kidding… this thing was everything I’ve ever wanted and I actually had to stop at one point and hug the island.

People saw me, and I didn’t even care.

Here she is, in all her glory… my dream kitchen come to life:

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I told Taya to pretend she was baking something.

I just love everything about it. EVERYTHING. The white cabinets, the glass fronts, the sink, the hardware, the faucet, the MASSIVE island, the stools, the bar sink.. I could go on for hours, but instead let’s take a closer look…

samsung pt2 may  19 101

I don’t usually like such contemporary drawer pulls, but these were solid and had a heavy look that also gave them a traditional twist. Beautiful. The large drawers are so great for storing pots and bake-ware, and of course they all had the trademark Ikea quiet-close feature. Then there was the counter-top:

samsung pt2 may  19 077

I’m telling you.. this kitchen was like everything I never knew I always wanted. I typically lean towards a darker, veiny granite – but this one had me at hello. It was just so clean looking, but the little flecks of taupe and brown kept it warm. Love love love. Then there was the farm sink. The glorious, oversized farm sink. It was accented by a more modern style faucet with a high arch that I thought was such a nice contrast, but the handle had the faux-porcelain finish that tied it all together.

samsung pt2 may  19 099

And can we just talk about this island for a minute? I mean seriously.. I NEED to talk about this island. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was about 15 feet long and 4 feet wide, and it was spectacular. Taya immediately said “Mom I picture you making waffles while we all sit here waiting!” lol… maybe not quite the image I had in MY head, but it just goes to show you – when a 10 year old is excited about a kitchen, it must be good. Look how small she looks in there!

samsung pt2 may  19 081
There was just so much space, and all of it was so pretty. I even loved the accessories! So white and crisp, and dare I say – feminine…

samsung pt2 may  19 082

I even wanted the pink canisters…

samsung pt2 may  19 102

I can’t imagine I would ever not want to be cooking or baking in there. What a great room. According to the posted prices (that we added and re-added 14 times), the entire kitchen – INCLUDING appliances and every single tile and handle – is $17K. Is it just me or does that seem really reasonable for such a magazine-worthy space??

Ahhhh, one day. For now, I think I’ve done a pretty decent job with what I’ve got. AND I had such a great day with my sweetie. She’s growing into such a little lady – it was nice to treat her to a real grown up afternoon of shopping and hair dos.

samsung pt2 may  19 085You can see how proud she is in that little smile!

Well, the rain has finally stopped here after a four day stay, so I’m off to spend the afternoon outside with my favourite paint brushes and some Annie Sloan. Gotta get workin’ and sell some beautiful furniture so I can have an island that seats 27 people some day!!


  1. Christina says

    I own everything in these photos!! The glass terrarium/house, the white pitcher holding flowers, even the canisters.
    Well, everything except for the dream kitchen.

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