Mmmmmm… coffee.

Right now my son is chasing one of our dogs. He’s screaming at the top of his lungs “OOOOGA BOOOGA BOOOGA!” and they’re both having a ball. My two year old daughter is standing next to me, crying because she can’t find Woody’s hat. My husband, freshly home from his business trip, seems to be hiding upstairs.

It’s 7:56am.

I have already changed a diaper, doled out juice and some food, cleaned dog pee off the floor, emptied two garbage cans, put on a load of laundry, bickered with my husband about a house he’s in love with that I do NOT want to pursue, and poured a cup of coffee that remains untouched.

Did I mention it’s 7:56am?

My coffee is now cold.

In a few moments I will get the kids dressed, pack my son’s school bag and race them out the door. My coffee will likely still be right where it is now, untouched. I never get to drink my coffee! It drives me nuts! Every time I sit down there is a crisis… an injury, a complaint, a spill, an injustice… something that forces me to pop back up and referee/clean/kiss or fix the problem.

Anyway, in honour of my love of coffee, and in light of how rarely I get to actually ENJOY it, I have a giveaway today for you, my lovely readers. Yes, that’s right! My first giveaway! I’m so excited, and I hope you’ll come check it out.


Visit the link below to the new HYSTERICALLY EVER AFTER Facebook page for your chance to win a $25 Starbucks card! Whoo hoo! All the details and contest rules are over there, so come check it out!!


Happy Friday, everyone!! Thanks for joining me and I hope you have a wonderful and caffeine-filled weekend!

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    sounds like you’re having the kind of day I’m having. The dog had a five am accident, I shrunk my favorite dress, and forgot I need to get an oil change before a road trip tongiht. OY VEY

    • says

      Oy vey INDEED! Geez today has been a bit of a gong show here too… hopefully you and I both will have lovely, relaxing weekends now! 😉

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