Patio a-go-go

Well I was looking forward to getting some house tour photos done today, but it’s raining and grey and NOT the time to try to get good pictures, so it will have to wait. Yesterday was super productive in the outdoor department. I did have a big fail moment when I forgot to take a “before” photo of our back patio – my god it was bad. Most of the summer toys and furniture from last year were never put into storage, (not sure what happened there…) so out back patio was a mess of furniture, toys, sporting equipment, dirt and leaves. It was disgusting, and I really wish I could share it with you. lol.. but I guess I will have to settle for sharing the nicer “before” photo of when we bought the house, and then show you what I’m doing with it once it’s done…

64 Centre St. North 009It’s really nothing special and it’s certainly not what we would have done with the space, but it’s nice to have a covered area and I think I can dress it up pretty nicely. We’ve often talked about doing major work to it – ripping it all down and starting over, building a deck, etc.. but seeing as the plan is to move, I always try and keep focused on spending as little as possible to simply make it appealing to future buyers.

My plan is to add an outdoor rug, hide those hideous metal swirly posts or whatever the heck they are with fabric or curtain panels, and try to get some lighting under there since there isn’t any right now. I also want to move away from the standard glass patio table and folding metal chairs that we’ve always had, and have more of a lounge/conversation area with a coffee table and chairs or an outdoor sofa or loveseat. I would LOVE something like this, it’s totally my inspiration:

loungeI heart you, Pottery Barn. So very much.

But in reality, I’m trying to keep costs down and that’s just not gonna happen. I think I can still achieve the feeling of that photo by using nice fabrics, pillows and accents… without spending $2000. I was searching google for patio inspiration a few weeks ago and found this photo, which totally looks like my space (except for that cool brick wall) and is completely adorable without looking like it cost a small fortune:

Samsung may 7 2014 725 Combining all of these ideas, I came across a nice little set at Lowes that I really like:

severson set redThis entire set (two chairs, loveseat and table) is $298 at Lowes. You can’t go wrong with this one! I even like that the cushions aren’t included – I don’t want red, and it gives me free reign to incorporate whatever colours and patterns I do like. I’m definitely leaning towards something a little lighter… greens, blues, cream. I went to the store to check out the set yesterday, and I really liked it. While I was there I even picked up a few items to get in the backyard-patio-decorating-zone!

gemmy lightThis light is solar powered – you place the panel in a well-lit area so it can charge all day, then at night you have this glowing latern! I’m going to hang it from the patio roof.

white tableI also picked up this adorable side table at Lowes – it was $39 and I couldn’t resist! It’s super light and made of metal so very easy to clean. I love that I can also use it inside later.

I always like to have a few decor items to set the visual of a space in my mind. I think that I have a pretty clear picture of where I want the space to go, and I’m excited! If you look closely at the “before” image, you will notice that we have no direct access from our yard to our house. In fact, you have to go through our kitchen into the mudroom, then through the mudroom onto the driveway and THEN through the back gate. Because of this, we’ve never really used our yard as much as we’ve wanted to. I’m not comfortable letting the kids out back to play alone since I can’t see them, and it’s just never been an area that my husband and I have enjoyed spending time in. My goal this spring is to bring the feeling of our living room outside, so that we can spend our days out there together as a family! The kids love it out there… we have a play gym and all kinds of toys. It’s a decent sized yard and I’m bound and determined to make it awesome!

Stay tuned – I’m hoping the get this completed within the week. I can’t wait! If you’re looking at the photo of our patio and have an amazing idea, please share! I’m not always the best at envisioning things (thank goodness for Pinterest, right?) so I always welcome ideas and suggestions.

Hopefully it’s sunny where you are – unfortunately we won’t be enjoying our backyard on this cool and dreary day!


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