Friday not-so-Funday.

Taking a wee break today to get working on some projects. The weather is GORGEOUS and I have so much to do!

I’m also making some tweaks to my page… working on adding a house tour and another page where I can post the work I do at The Refreshed Nest.

(You’ll see the tabs above, but all you’ll find by clicking right now is “coming soon”)

I hope to add photos of each room in the house (which means a LOT of cleaning.. lol) and also draw up some floor plans to give it some context. If anyone knows of a free and super-simple website for doing that please do let me know!

Speaking of my little refinishing business, I have to share a big old FAIL that I experienced recently. I was at the thrift shop down the street and I came across this amazing chair:

iphone pics marcg 21 2014 082So as you can imagine, I dragged that baby to the cash and snapped it right up, right?
Nope. I took a picture of it, drooled a little, and then left. I was too afraid that my husband would lose his mind if I brought one more thing home.

Le sigh.

It’s long gone now, (yes – I went back and checked) and I am so full of regret that I let that beauty slip out of my fingers!! GAH! Sometimes I make bad calls – and it sucks.

Anyway I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing spring that is FINALLY HERE… and that you all have a great weekend. I will be spending mine painting, cleaning, PURGING, and playing with my little people.


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