Rachel, I am not…

I remember back in tha’ day when I was a teenager and totally obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210 (um, the ORIGINAL), my friends would always have to assume a character… Kathie was Brenda, Sabrina was Donna, Rachel was Kelly… yah… where does that leave little old me, I bet you’re wondering?

Andrea. I was Andrea. Sorry… AHHHHHndrea.

What the heck, man? I didn’t want to be AHHHHHndrea… I mean sure in retrospect she wasn’t that bad, but I always ended up being the dork of the group.

Fast forward to adulthood, and Friends is ruling the Nelson ratings. Now everyone is telling me I’m Monica. Great.. lol. neurotic, control-freak Monica.

jessicanancomYah okay… I am a little bit Monica, I admit. I’m pretty anal about certain things, and I like them to be done my way. I would have LOVED to be Pheobe… sweet, quirky, lovable Pheobe… or Rachel, stylish, popular Rachel.

But no. I’m Monica. In more ways than one. While Monica was all of the above and MORE when it came to annoying humans… she also had a dirty little secret. Remember the “mystery closet”?

Monicas-Closet1Well… I have a mystery garage.

Samsung may 7 2014 746My husband is going to KILL ME for posting this…

Samsung may 7 2014 747But it is what it is.

I take responsibility for 75% of this garage situation. I have a problem, and the first step is admitting it. I can’t stop collecting furniture!! I guess it would be different if we lived in a different climate. Some place with nice weather all year round would mean I could continually work on these things, but alas, we live in Canada and that leaves me a solid four months a year that I can be outside and plow through all this.

There are so many fabulous treasures in there… I kid you not.

Samsung may 7 2014 755But I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now and my inner Monica is starting to come out. Thankfully it IS May and the weather IS starting to improve so I will hopefully be able to start clearing this out this space. I’m sure my husband would appreciate being able to get to the lawn mower and the kids would likely enjoy their bikes sometime soon.

The challenge, as always, will be what to keep and what to sell. Some of the stuff in there will be sold for sure… partly because I just don’t have room in the house and partly because those particular pieces just aren’t my style… but it’s still always hard to part with my babies!

So there’s a different kind of “reveal” for you lovely people. It’s nothing to be proud of, but it’s a part of me. lol… I know I cannot possibly be alone in this. I KNOW there are other DIY junkies like me out there who have filled every garage nook and cranny they have with “to do’s”. Please. Comfort me. I need to know you’re there.

And sorry, Alex… don’t hate me for being the over-sharer that you know I am! One of these days I will make sure we can fit a car in there.

And it will likely be mine.


  1. Karla says

    She’s a keeper Alex… Even though she’s a keeper! LOL She’ll eventually let some of it go. When she does, you’ll still have her and a nice little wad of cash to show for your patience. :)

  2. says

    I have a cupboard full of canvasses for DIY art.. and a box of sewing DIYs still unfinished, then there’s the knitting box… My hubby often asks me about the canvasses (it’s been so long since I’ve taken out the knitting/sewing I think he’s forgotten those phases!), I even have a pile of books that I will study one day… some day.. when my 1 year old twins are 20?
    I look at your garage with envy – I wish I had a GARAGE to store all my crap (and to collect more). I am limited to the top part of the spare room cupboard and I share that part with some camping equipment.
    I love it that you are doing something that you are so passionate about. Definitely an awesome way to beat PND. I’m still trying to discover mine – apparently travelling overseas business class to 5* hotels and spas is not really a feasible passion for a mother of young twins!

    • says

      Haha no I guess it’s not.. damn! Lol
      Thanks for writing. As much as I joke it really is nice to know that I’m not alone.. and I always tell my husband that it IS great therapy for me, so he eases up a little.
      ; )


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