Home For a Desk…

Okay I just realized that my American friends on here likely won’t get that little Canadiana reference, so at the bottom of this post I will prove a handy dandy video to clear up any confusion.

I recently got rid of the big, bulky desk that lived in our living room, (you can catch up on that whole thing right HERE), and while I am happy to have made room for other things in that space, it still left a bit of a problem. My kids are young… 10, 4 & 2.. and when they use my dining room table for their “projects” as they call them, they destory every surface they touch. It wasn’t that big of a deal up until the last week or so… I had an old, banged up table in there that I had planned on refinishing, so I didn’t really care WHAT they did to it.

But then I replaced it with a gorrrrrrrrrrgeous vintage set, and I do NOT want them getting at it with scissors, glue, play doh and pipe cleaners! So, when I saw this little number up for auction on a Facebook page I belong to, I snapped it up:

10171752_10152419637911349_3611260705565586307_n10155987_10152419634801349_7077843570356898443_nExcuse the poor photos – these are the ones that were posted online.

I could tell it needed some love, but I also LOVED the style, and the fact that it was so slim and had a small foot print. Plus, it came with the glass top that is removable and makes it a breeze to clean!

I won the auction for just $13.00 and quickly got out my paint. I covered the flower stenciling and gave the entire thing a few coats of Annie Sloan’s “Old White”. Then I painted the drawer in a lovely blue, and added an antique crystal knob. It took less than an hour to make it over!

SAMSUNG PICS april 28 2014 161Isn’t it adorable? I actually had planned to do it all in white, but when I added the crystal knob you really couldn’t see it, and I realized there needed to be some contrast. Plus, I’ve been thinking for some time that I really need to add a little spice to my projects… not that this is spicy, LOL, but painting just the drawer is actually pretty out of my comfort zone, and in the end I love it!

SAMSUNG PICS april 28 2014 177So now we have a little desked tucked into a corner of our dining room, and it’s great. The kids have a spot to colour and paint, and Taya has a little nook to do homework if she doesn’t feel like being alone up in her room. I can see them from the kitchen, and everyone is happy!

SAMSUNG PICS april 28 2014 167The chair is a project I did quite a while ago… it got a GREAT little makeover, and you can read all about it HERE.

before & after togetherI will likely do some distressing on the desk so that it matches the chair… and it will also help hide any dings that my kids are sure to give it. But I’m actually enjoying the clean white paint for now.

So there you have it.. my “Home for a Desk”!
; )

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