Gonna Dress It Up In My Love…

I think I might start going for late evening cruises around the neighbourhood on garbage night. I’m not even kidding. I’m not sure if people are lazy or lack vision or both, but to put a gorgeous antique to the curb just because it needs a little work?

Totally unacceptable.

Some people adopt children, some take in animals… and I rescue furniture. It’s just my calling, I guess.

(Note: I also have three children, two dogs and one cat, so apparently it’s not my only calling.)

Last week I wrote about the unbelievable and beautiful antique table that I took from the end of someone’s driveway – I still can’t get over that one. Then just two days later as I was driving my son to nursery school in the POURING rain at 8:30am, I spotted something amidst another pile of garbage that caught my eye.

I couldn’t stop… I was late and traffic was crazy. So I told myself I’d drop him off and STAY CALM and pass by on my way home to check it out, and that’s what I did. I pulled into this person’s driveway and literally lifted their sopping wet bags of trash out of the way to get to my treasure… I wish I had a photo of THAT. (Not really…) At first it appeared to be an antique dresser with the drawers missing. Awesome! I figured I would turn it into something like this:

basketsBut as I dug through the wet garbage (I know, I’m a classy, classy gal…) I saw a drawer, and then another, and another… ALL THE DRAWERS WERE THERE! What’s is wrong with people?! I was practically dancing in the rain as I loaded ’em up…

Dumpster diver & dumpster diver jr… lovin’ the thrill of a good score!

samsung ap 30 2014 125I brought this lovely lady home and couldn’t wait to see what kind of shape it was in! I waited until the rain let up and then hauled it all inside to see what I had on my hands.

samsung ap 30 2014 128The drawers are stiff and unfortunately some of the wood inside is bowing and warping, but I think it’s because it sat outside overnight in the rain!! If it hadn’t been raining it would have been perfect, and whoever abandoned it, well, they’re just nuts. I brought it in, wiped it down, warmed it up and gave it some hot cocoa time to dry before I set it up.


samsung may 2 2014 050Holy smokes was I excited. Even after the wood dried, the drawers had a pretty tough time sliding in and out, so I knew pretty much right away what needed to be done.
Remember my bathroom makeover that I shared a few weeks back?

Here’s a refresher of the “before” sink and vanity…

NEW HOUSE 031Yah… that’s pretty awful. So as I mentioned in that post I did paint the vanity a soft white, and we bought a nice neutral counter/sink combo to install, BUT… that might be changing.

anotherSee where I’m headed with this?

sameThis one is almost the exact same dresser!

I LOVE the idea of stripping the top back to the wood and staining it a dark walnut colour and then adding a vessel sink. And hey – nothing wrong with returning the counter/sink we bought and having some extra $$$ in the bank! I’m not sure that the hubs is on board with this one… so we’ll see. But I think it’s fabulous and I still can’t believe that I got it for FREE. It truly would be perfect in there, and since the drawers are stiff I’m thinking we could use hinges and just have the fronts open like this:

flip drawersPerfect for towels, creams, toilet paper, etc.

So it looks like I have another project to add to the list… haha. Happy Monday to ME! What is everyone working on lately? Any weekend projects I should know about? I’m always looking for new ideas as you know…

(I literally just heard my husband cringing from his office 30km away)

Muah haha!

Brief side note? Yesterday marked four glorious years since I went from this:

baby calTo this…

IMG_3348Happy 4th birthday to the most amazing little boy I know, my sweet Callum.
My cup overfloweth!!!
Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Mei says

    OMG is he ever cute! Happy birthday little guy!

    Speaking of dumpster diving, you are not alone. I’ve done my faire share, in fact just this morning I picked up a cute little side table/night table for you. It has a few chips, but a nice shape. Email or call me if you want it or more info on it. I can’t keep it or my hubbie will likely lose his marbles :)

    • says

      Oh no way!! Haha thank you! I will email you in a minute – maybe this is finally an excuse for coffee? Lol

  2. says

    You find such good stuff! (jealous) :) I really hope it works out with the vanity idea! It would add so much pretty character to the bathroom. And, also… I’m totally hearing Madonna’s voice singing your post title right now in my head (on repeat). I almost sang it out loud. At work. Whoops! No, I’m totally not reading blogs at work. Swear! (Itotallyam). 😉

    • says

      Hahahaha I’m glad someone got that reference.. nothing like some way back play backs to speed up the day!
      I am torn about turning it into a vanity since I’m dying to move from here but I’m not sure I have the patience – or space – to hang on to it until the next house!

  3. Marjorie says

    When I was furnishing my first house, I did a lot of driving around on Monday mornings after I took my son to school :)

  4. says

    I had to laugh when you described your panic when you realized you had to drop off your child before you could get that dresser! I have been there and sometimes I’m the only one who spotted the treasure and too sadly sometimes I’m not and it’s gone when I get back. The cringing husband will probably always cringe – you just learn to ignore it eventually, lol!

  5. says

    Man, no one in my neighbourhood throws out things like that! It’s mostly just crappy fake wood particle board stuff. This week I did see a mattress, but that’s not exactly what I’m in the market for, you know? :-)

    • says

      LOL! Yah that’s not an ideal find..
      I seem to live in an area that is a mixture of beautiful century homes combined with some lower income houses… it’s a really interesting combo and garbage day can be exciting. lol

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