Growing Out a Pixie Cut (sucks)

As you may or may not know, some time ago I decided to go for broke and chop off my hair. Yah… I’m not sure what goes on in my brain sometimes, BUT it was a bucket list thing and I just needed to do it. You can read all about my initial hair drama HERE. It’s been a journey, to say the least. And it’s nowhere near complete.
Brace yourself, you’re about to see a lot of photos of my head. Sorry.

So basically I went from this:

long hair 1To this:

short and darkHoly crap it’s stressful to look at the first photo… lol.

I’ve always been a bit of a hair chameleon… I’ve been black, blond, straight, curly, long, short… I change the colour like I change my socks, but I’ve never done something as dramatic as this before. It’s just something that I wanted to try, and I figured with three young kids at home and zero time to take care of myself, the timing was right.

First of all, I have VERY VERY thick hair. Like, ridiculously thick. Actually, once time a hair stylist told me that my hair wasn’t that thick, that I just had SO MUCH of it. But regardless, it’s insane. You know how when you’re blow drying your hair you pin it up in sections and let them down one at a time to dry? Well when the lower half of my hair is down, I look like a normal person. I often sit and just stare at it, wishing I could have just THAT much hair.

Then I take the rest down and look like some kind of wild animal. Rarrrr.

So I wasn’t sure if the pixie thing was going to work for me. My hair has always been such that if I leave it to dry on its own, it’s a total frizzy, awful nightmare… BUT, if I dry it and use serum and then flat iron or curl it? Well, when I put in the effort, I have awesome hair.

The long hair in the first photo is the result of braiding it when wet and putting nothing in it. This is what it looks like when I take an hour to do it…

long hair taya         long hair xmas 2

I admit that I wasn’t brave enough to cut it all in one fell swoop. It went in stages. I started with a bob…

braid cut offbob cutbobAdmittedly, I likely should have stayed there. I did love it, and the hubby did too. I LOVE being blond and it was a nice, easy style. But after a year or so I guess I got bored, so I went dark and started going shorter…

long pixieI love this cut for about a minute and a half.. and then went for broke:

arkI lived with the cut for quite a while… it’s been well over a year now and I DID enjoy the convenience of it… especially in the summer when it’s like a million degrees out and I didn’t get those nasty pony tail headaches from having 14 pounds of hair pulled up on my head. But I know my husband wasn’t in love with it and I decided to start growing it out again.

The problem with growing out a short cut is that you inevitably go through these awful “Bieber” periods where you look like a boy, a squirrel, a homeless person and many other unattractive phases. What happens then is that you come so far, and then panic and cut it again… unable to withstand the shame of walking around with the “in between” length. So that’s what happened to me. I’d get so far, and then freak out and start all over.

This was last summer…

with ella

And then I freaked out:

blondThis process has happened three or four times over the last year, until I finally came to terms with what I had to go through to get my nice long hair back. It’s going to take YEARS, but I’m committed, and it’s starting to grow. I’ve been growing it now for months, just trimming the very bottom as the top grows out. During this horrible awkward time, I find that all I can really do is pin the front back or do a little mini french braid with the bangs…

with al

BRAIDSo I’m GETTING there… slowly but surely I am working my way back to a nice little bob. After months of just clipping it back, I finally took the plunge a few nights ago and actually tried to properly style it…

My GOD I hate selfies… and please excuse the zero makeup situation, but it was like 9:30pm and ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

samsung may 2 2014 090

So there you have it… the evolution of my pixie cut – part two. I figure in a few more months I will have the length mostly down to my chin and it will start to look more normal. I hope. For now it seems that if I dry it and add a bit of messy curl it looks okay.

In summation, there’s a lot of “plus” to having a pixie… it makes for super quick showers and much more comfortable summers… but it also really made me feel less feminine. Now that’s just me, I’m sure many other women feel crazy sexy rocking their short hair and that’s awesome! But for me? I felt like after having three kids and gaining some weight all I had left was my nice hair, and then I went and chopped it off. I still had (have?) days where I feel pretty, but not many. Aside from that, the growing out phase is TOUGH. Do not kid yourself. It’s endless and excruciating and you WILL have days where you look like Justin Bieber – and maybe that’s your thing, but it’s not mine.

But hey, life is about trying new things and taking some risks, right? I say if it’s on your bucket list, (here’s mine) go grab some scissors! It’s hair, afterall… it grows back!


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    We share hair drama! I could have written this: the colouring, the cutting, the thickness. All of it! I just recently lopped off my middle-of-the-back hair to shoulder length. It’s naturally wavy and I, like you, have so much of it! I get too hot and arm cramps trying to blow it dry myself, so I usually like a frizz head. I wanted to do full-out pixie (again) but I could see from the terrified look on my husband’s face that he wasn’t ready to deal with the grow-out phase (read: daily meltdowns). This may sound very indulgent, but whenever I am feeling really like I want to cut it all off and run away from my kids (usually these feelings go hand-in-hand) I go to the blow-dry bar and have them do it for me. It’s the only time that I love my hair and I admit, it’s nice to have someone gush over what great hair I have.

    I can’t believe that I just wrote so much about my hair to a complete stranger. 😉

    • says

      Lol we aren’t reeeeeeeally strangers since you know my husband, so just take comfort in that! ; )
      I love the idea of going for the blow out, and this time around I vow to do the same… but when I had it cut it was just impossible to ever have a moment alone and that was part of it. Now it’s getting a LITTLE easier so that sounds like a plan.

  2. says

    i had a pixie for 5 years and finally grew my hair out… so annoying!!! i feel your pain. and i often miss the super easy upkeep up short hair lol!

    • says

      Yah there are pros and cons for sure… I think I will likely do it again one day in the far away future! Lol

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    I did the same thing. Well I didn’t go pixie because I’m chubby and my face is round so as much as I love it I totally couldn’t pull it off. But in December I cut off 16 inches. Then a few months later cut off more until I’m finally where I think it’s cute. I’m rockin and a line Bob but the back is super short. I’m going through an identity crisis after my 3rd child was born in December lol.

    • says

      I think we all go through the odd identity crisis.. lol thank goodness hair grows back and we can try things out until we find what works!
      : )

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    I feel your paaaaaiiiin! (Well, I felt your pain). :) I never had a pixie cut, but I was at the very worst stage of growing out a chin-length stacked bob (which I unwisely had cut in weird ways out of frustration) while I was pregnant. I just felt fat and unattractive the entire pregnancy, but it got there eventually. Just know that you will prevail!!! And one day you will swing your long, flowing locks in slow motion and realize that it finally happened. :)

  5. Mary says

    You are awesome. What you wrote is the most honest assessment of growing out a pixie I’ve read. And your long hair photo to boot. I, too, had long hair like yours and started cutting it and it didn’t look good neck length, then I slowly went pixie and it looked good…but I got over it. My hair is the same as yours now, the worst part is now over , the “Bozo the Clown” phase where hair is half over the ears. I advise any ladies against getting hair cut above ears.
    To keep me positive throughout I keep a picture of me with the very short hair 2 inch max. T remind myself how far I’ve come and where I won’t go again.

    • says

      Haha Mary glad to know I’m not alone! It’s slowing coming along. I have a nice little bob now so I guess it’s time for another update soon. Can’t believe how long it’s taking though… seriously.
      Never again. Probably. LOL

  6. Amy Goldman says

    Ok, seriously …. you can NOT look unattractive. You are stunningly gorgeous so I can’t imagine you having any “awkward” stages. Having said that, I can totally relate to the feelings of femininity associated with hair length. I too have been thru the cycle of pixie, grow out, frustration, pixie, repeat. I have been looking for suggestions on the internet for growing out my ridiculously thick pixie hair cut. My hair is so thick and heavy it resembles a helmet when I don’t get it thinned out every 3 weeks. I am actually thinking about getting the sides and back “undercut” for the grow out in the hopes that this will prevent the “helmet head” . I wonder if anyone else reading your post has tried this?
    Thanks for sharing your grow out pictures , I imagine you are at a nice length by now. I’m curious if you are a natural brunette or blonde? I am a brunette and I am considering going blonde during my awkward helmet phase …… think it might distract me from the pending ugliness!

    • says

      Amy you’re too kind.. Thank you! Trust me – the from-the-neck-up photos leave out quite a bit. Lol I’m still lugging around way too much baby weight so I’m only taking face pics these days!
      But yes its a super tough phase isn’t it? I’m getting there.. If you check my instagram there are recent pics and it’s pretty much a bob now. Seems to take forever but I’m hanging in there.
      I’m a natural brunette, my eyebrows are my true color… lol. Going blond is DEFINITELY a nice distraction – total lifesaver for me!
      Keep me posted on your progress… and I’m going to do another pixie update soon so stay tuned!

  7. says

    Hi Mary Beth! Thanks for sharing your pixie journey. I’m going through it right now, and it’s so hard. I tried to grow it out over a year ago but then I got pregnant and decided that moms don’t have time for long hair, so I cut it all off again. (I think it was really just me making excuses so I didn’t have to go through that in-between phase again.) I wish I had stuck it out though, cause now I’m back to going through it again and it sucks! (As you know…) Anyway, I thought there should be some sort of support group for women like us, so I created one on Facebook. Would love for you to join us and share your photos, tips and tricks!


  8. says

    My advice? Be thankful you have thick hair. That means it grows back a lot more quickly than the rest of us. My hair is baby fine. I’m also 46 years old. Your body changes as you get older, and if you never even had great thick hair to begin with, you’re kind of screwed. I’m trying to grow out of stacked cut now, and I’ve been doing this for months and months and I am NOT happy with it at all. I feel like I look so… razory. Not soft. Not feminine. Not seductive. Etc. Like you said for those women that do feel all those things when they have short razor hair, great! They are strong! I need a little more male attraction going on than this provides. And it is just really tough. I take 50 thousand micrograms of biotin a day just to make it healthy enough to begin to grow in. Really a bad situation. Please be thankful for what you have. Wish I had your #thickhairgirlproblems.

  9. Ell jerk says

    I just found your blog when googling “I hate my pixie cut.” Hah! I got a pixie on a whim in April and have felt ugly almost every single day since. I absolutely despise my hair and cannot wait for it to grow. I feel like I lost a lot of my femininity.

    I hope you managed to push through the awkward stages and I hope I do too!

    • Ell jerk says

      Umm, I accidentally hit enter on my phone while trying to type in my name. It’s Ellen, not “ell jerk” (lol?).

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