Going out on a ledge…

When I redid one of the bedrooms to accommodate both Callum & Ella, (you can read all about that HERE and HERE) I was faced with a few challenges. It was difficult to create two individual spaces in one room that felt personal to each of them and also provide enough storage for all of their things!

I am happy with how it turned out, but as I mentioned in my previous post about Cal’s side of the room, the wall next to his bed was definitely lacking something…

t shirt art roomSo this morning I decided to get down to business and take care of that big empty space!

samsung ap 30 2014 105LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

We purchased these picture ledges at Ikea a while back and for a long time they lived in our family room, displaying photos and art. But when we redid that area the ledges came down and did nothing for a while. Once I redid the kids’ rooms I knew I’d likely put them up for Cal to have easy access to his books!

I love how they are shallow enough that I don’t have to worry about little bed jumpers getting hurt or making a mess… and they look really great too.

samsung ap 30 2014 117And while Callum was in a mood this morning and wasn’t really interested in checking out his slick new book shelves, I wasn’t bothered because someone else wasted no time at all diving in…

samsung ap 30 2014 123Of course as soon as he sees how much Ella loves it he will go STRAIGHT for it.. sigh. But I’m really happy to have a place for all his favourite books, and some special ones from when I was little are up there too, which is nice because they’re safe.

samsung ap 30 2014 114He’s going to be four on Sunday, (May the 4th be with you!) and so he’s old enough to wake up on his own and read if he likes. It finishes the space really nicely and I had to admit, I’m pretty proud that I did it all my own!

What are you lovely DIY people up to today? Like usual I had the drill out at 7:30am while my kids were running around in their underwear. Am I alone here? Really?  lol… be honest!


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    Those shelves are awesome. I am going to do a wall like this in my boys room. I found some great ideas on pinterest (of course). My fav was using rain gutters. It looks very similar to this. If there was an ikea near me I would just buy the shelves the little divet is perfect !

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