Mellow Yellow…

Well, it sure wasn’t mellow when I started, but it is now!

It seems like every day I fall in love with a new item of furniture. Fortunately I have no issue selling off the old to make room for the new, both in the house AND the bank account! The other day my fabulous find was actually from someone’s GARBAGE, and yesterday it was for the fabulous price of $11… I kid you not.

With the kids at my mom’s and a cup of coffee next to me, I spent my afternoon taking a mid-century dresser from this:

samsung do over ap 24 2014 938To THIS:

1Not an enormous change, but one that still took a few hours and made a big difference if you ask me! I am crazy in love with this dresser, and I have some unconventional plans for it.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a desk in our family room. A number of different ones have rotated in and out, usually because I refinish and sell them. Most recently, this one has been tucked in the corner and was supposed to be my blogging space…

samsung do over ap 24 2014 866

 But, as I explained in this post, I often don’t sit at the desk to write because it turns my back to the kids – NOT GOOD. So, I end up sitting at the dining room table or in the comfy arm chair in the family room with my refinished tv table

iphone ap 6 2014 028Annnnnnnyhoo… I finally decided that maybe having a desk in here wasn’t working at all. It was just a junk collector and I always had to take the chair away from it anyway because Ella was CONSTANTLY climbing on it and getting into everything.

baby bloggersigh.

So after much debate I came to the conclusion that the desk was wasting space and should just go. I figured that since I write at the table or in the chair, what I really needed was some storage for all my crafty goodness, paint, TWINE, BURLAP, glue gun and all the other bits and pieces that I use each day. I spent an absolutely LOVELY afternoon painting and watching MTV HGTV…

samsung do over ap 24 2014 927And also listed my beloved desk for sale online. Once the dresser dried and the desk was moved out, I slid this beauty into place and fell. in. love.

samsung do over ap 24 2014 935I used “Yellow Lotus” by Benjamin Moore on the exterior and Annie Sloan’s “Old White” on the drawers. It’s just so soft and buttery… I just love the lightness it brings to the room – especially after having such a dark and heavy desk there for so long.

I initially thought about doing something funky with it…

LOVE the idea of papering the drawers!

samsung do over ap 24 2014 812The gradient or “ombre” is gorgeous on this one:

samsung do over ap 24 2014 811But in the end I really liked the idea of keeping it simple since our sofa is white with a navy/grey floral pattern and I didn’t want the dresser competing with it.

I love how it turned out, and not only does it look amazing in our family room, it also gives me a space to display a few items that I don’t want my little monkeys getting at!! YAY! It made me realize that we have very little vertical interest in here… something new to focus on and make a point of introducing… we don’t have particularly high ceilings so I think it would be smart to work at drawing the eye upwards.

Oh and did I mention that painting it yellow means I have a whole new colour to start bringing into the room? Hmmmm… better start shopping!


  1. Marjorie says

    I love yellow and this turned out beautifully. We have a very small living room area as well and I think a tall dresser would be great for storage in here. Thanks for the idea!


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