Closet nook update… (and makeover fail)

I’m skipping wish list Wednesday this week to share an update that I’ve been meaning to post. I’m kinda sad to share this one, to be honest. When I posted a while ago about the amazing little makeover I have given the closet in Ella’s room I was SO excited and loving absolutely everything about it.

closet makeoverYou can read about the entire makeover HERE.

It was so sweet, so cozy, so perfect for a little wee girl to curl up and read books or snuggle with her dolls…

closet makeover 2But as we often find, after living with it for a few weeks it just wasn’t as functional as I needed it to be. I had initially planned to have it be not only Ella’s little reading nook but also her bed! I thought it was an awesome idea, even though a lot of people looked at me like I was nuts. I guess not everyone thinks it’s normal to have your kid sleep in a closet.  LOL.

So, admittedly, the closet went back to being a closet in part because I needed the room, but also because I felt pressure from those around me to not let Ella sleep in there – even though she LOVED it. They BOTH did. Boo.

Chrissy's wedding etc 135Just going through these photos again is breaking my heart. What an awesome little space that was. Anyway, it’s still pretty awesome… just a little different and more like a closet once again. To recap, here is the before and (first) after:

Chrissy's wedding etc 179Chrissy's wedding etc 180And now, kinda sadly, it looks like this:

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 102Now that Callum and Ella are sharing her room, I just needed the storage. (You can read all about their room HERE and HERE) It’s still a super cute closet and I love the yellow and the butterflies, but now it’s serving its purpose and holding a TON of stuff. The dresser is all things Cal, and the tall open shelves are all things Ella. It’s really convenient for putting away their laundry and one great feature is the light that I hung… it makes a big difference having that large area lit up. I recently put a dimmer on it as well, which is nice. I turn it on low when we’re getting ready for bed and it sets a nice calm tone.

Part of the reason for the change was Ella herself. As much as she loved her little cozy corner, she really wanted a big bed like her brother’s. They are getting closer every day – they’re only 20 months apart, after all – and she really wants to be like him and just HAS to have everything he has. So, we put together her “big girl” bed and suddenly the room became pretty darn small. LOL. It works now, though, and they love it.

both sides 2The door of the closet is at the foot of Ella’s bed.

It just goes to show you that sometimes what you think you want to do in a space might work in theory, but not in practice. In our next house, when Ella has her own bedroom and more space, I might redo her closet into a sweet little space like I tried to here… but for now, practicality and functionality win. When you’re a family of five living in 1600 square feet, sometimes there’s just no room for cute!

Have you ever had to “undo” a makeover or redesign a space to make it more functional – even though you hated to do it? I’m sure I’m not the only one… at least I hope I’m not! At least I didn’t spend much to update that closet and in the end it still looks great with a fresh coat of paint and a light.

I’m still having a little pity party about it, though.



  1. says

    For the record I love the nook idea and if she loved it who cares what other people said? Although I can understand needing the storage. When people say “Oh I wouldn’t have done THAT!” I say…good! Don’t do it in YOUR house then!

    • says

      I agree.. but alex really didn’t like it and I guess his opinion should count for something.. lol
      In the end it necessity though.

  2. paige p @ lpd says

    Oh that’s a bummer, sorry you had to change it around! Maybe hanging a canopy over the bed would bring back some cozy nook like feelings? Also how rude are people? ugh.

    • says

      I was thinking of doing something like that too.. or even draping some fabric over a curtain rod hung from the ceiling.. pinterest here I come!

  3. says

    You’re definitely not alone in the “undo” makeovers, for sure. I think I’ve driven my husband nuts at times with all of my plan changes and re-dos. Now, he just smiles and nods (smart man). I think sometimes it just takes living with something to realize it isn’t right. The closet still looks super cute, though, and more storage space is priceless! :)

    • says

      I literally just did this huge EXHALE when I read that – thank you! It’s so hard when you have to undo something but for now it’s what works. : )
      Thanks Christina!

  4. Marjorie says

    That’s a shame – it sure was adorable! How did you make the Ella sign?
    I think it’s really sweet that she wants to be just like Big Brother.

    • says

      Thanks Marjorie!
      I take comfort in knowing I can always turn it back or do it again in our next house.
      The Ella sign I actually bought at HomeSense!! It caught my eye and i naturally HAD to have it.. can’t take credit for that one.
      : )

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