My name is Mary Beth and I am a Dumpster Diver.

Yes, it’s a little embarrassing… but I have to say, I’ve had my fair share of AMAZING finds in recent years. Yes, I admit, sometimes I have told my husband I found something on the side of the road when I have, in fact, paid $40 for it on Craig’s List… But to be honest, most of the time I am dancing around here it’s because I truly have scored something incredible for very little or even nothing.

Yesterday was no exception. In fact, yesterday was likely the best find I’ve ever come across. I was just at home, folding laundry while the little ones napped… enjoying a quiet Easter Monday since hubby was at work and my ten year old was spending the day with her dad and his mom. All of a sudden I receive a text from Taya’s dad (my ex):

“Hey.. just drove past this on my mom’s street and thought maybe you’d want it?”

free table

Um… hi. Have you MET ME? OF COURSE I WANTED IT!!! So there I was, with two sleeping kids, and for the first time ever, totally frantic for them to wake up. The minute they stirred I ran in there and was out the door with one under each arm. Diaper change? No time! We’ll do it when we get home!!

Thank goodness I have a van.

I rang the doorbell just to make sure it was okay that I pilfer through their trash, but no one was home. I was standing in the driveway debating what to do when they pulled up, and not only were they more than happy for me to haul it away, they helped me load it up!

Awesome. One very nice home owner and his buddy were super nice and even the friend was in awe that this guy was just throwing out such a beautiful old piece of furniture. I’m telling you… some people just have no vision!

So I brought it home (minus the chairs… I left them) and had to empty out a spot in the garage for it. (We don’t keep cars in there, just all my “pieces” that are waiting for some love.) So the van is reloaded now with a bunch of stuff to donate and my new amaaaaaaazing table is nestled in and resting up before we get to work. I’m not sure what I should do with it, to be honest.  Sell it as is? Paint it and sell it? Paint it and keep it?

I think it’s a little bit heavy for my relaxed/beachy vibe that I love so much… even with light paint and a vintage/worn finish that base is still a monster and likely needs a more formal home.

While I’m deciding, I’ve found some pretty fabulous ideas, not that it was easy. Do you know how hard it is to google that table when I have no idea what it’s called? Look at those legs! I didn’t even know what to search for.  In the end I did come up with at least some finish and colour combos that I think would look fantastic:

I’m always a fan of the dark stained top with a coloured base:

sydneys custom 016But painting out the entire table in a white or cream would lighten it up beautifully:


Or I could do a light colour and wash it out to give it that old world feel:

???????????????????????????????If I wanted to go for a hit of colour I’d likely just go bright:

colourblueAt this point I couldn’t even tell you which one I’m leaning towards. I suppose if I was going to keep it I would go for some colour, but if I’m planning to sell it likely makes sense to stay neutral. I do love that all white/distressed version… and it actually looks like my table, so it’s nice to have a true visual.

Decisions decisions. What do you think? Should I keep it? Sell it? Paint it? I’m too excited to make a rational decision! LOL… either way, what a SCORE!


    • says

      Thanks Drea! I’m thinking the same. I do already have a lovely old french provincial table in the dining room that I want to update. It’s got those nice slender curved legs and it’s perfect. This one is stunning but much more of a statement piece.
      I love the silver idea – amazing!

  1. says

    OOOOO!!! I’d fix it up and keep it! It’s a total conversation piece! You could modern it up with some cool chairs for a unique look that’s all your own. What a great find! :)

    • says

      Haha I love that you’re as excited as I am!! I would so love to keep it.. This house is just so small (1600 square feet) and with five humans, two dogs and a cat we are tight.
      I think I will have to see if I can bear to part with it once it’s painted.
      ; )

  2. Marjorie says

    It’s a beautiful table. I wouldn’t paint the whole thing, but I like the dark top and bright/light under parts. Sometimes I like painted furniture, but that table is so beautiful that I think painting it would ruin it.

  3. says

    That is amazing! I can not believe they were just throwing it away. No way would I paint it, but I have a thing about painting wood. I would/will never find anything that great! I would have grabbed the chairs, too. I hate to break up sets.

    • says

      I didn’t find anything at all for the longest time, but I’m having a good streak right now! Lol… If you check my more recent posts you’ll see that I painted the base white and I’m leaving the top as it is – it looks great!

    • says

      Oh and “ps” there were only two chairs and they were in horrible condition… I don’t think I could have saved them.
      : (


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