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Being a busy family of five, it’s quite easy for us to forget appointments, lose phone numbers and have no idea where soccer practice is this Tuesday. Small piles of “stuff” are also a regular occurrence around here. This is mainly my husband’s issue, (sorry Alex!) and I often tease him about the little mountain that he typically has on the kitchen counter.

He’s consistent, at least… it’s always there, and it’s always in the same spot right next to the basement door:

iphone Ap 9 2014 016Man Pile.

Okay, admittedly there are a few important things in there…

iphone Ap 9 2014 019I can’t fault the guy for having a Tim’s card – this is crucial! But why is it in the kitchen? Shouldn’t it be in the CAR? I’m just too darn logical for my own good sometimes.

Here is what I came up with – our new command centre!
(Or center, whatever… I’m Canadian.)

samsung ap 17 2014 056Allow me to share a bit of back story before I get into what my solution was to this particular problem. Our house is old, and it has a chimney in the middle of it. This wouldn’t be strange to me except for the fact that we have no fire place. Yah. I don’t get it. I’m pretty sure my husband has explained it to me, but I guess I tuned out because I honestly have no clue why a house with no fire place needs a chimney.

So this thing is obviously made from cement or brick or whatever, and it runs from the basement straight up through the middle of the main and top floors. Like, RIGHT through the middle. It’s a pain to be honest and it gives the rooms around it on both floors some strange angles and also space that we just can’t do anything with. On our main floor, it runs through the kitchen, right between the fridge and the door to the front hall.

This is the only “before” photo I have. The kitchen has been redone since then, but in this picture you can see the bulky chimney to the right, between the hall door and the fridge:


Here’s a photo of the “refreshed” kitchen, just so you don’t think it still looks ugly…
Oh and the basement isn’t orange anymore either. We’re trying.

iPhone Pics Oct 30 2013 056So I figured that since that ugly wall bulging out was useless and awful, I’d use it for our family’s little hub of activity. It’s great because it’s smack in the middle of the house, and it’s a place that we all pass by multiple times a day. I could have gone with a number of variations, but what I ended up with was a cork board, a wipe-able calendar and then an expandable folder that will hopefully take care of – you guessed it – the MAN PILE!

samsung ap 17 2014 059Important papers go here… soccer schedules, baby shower invitations, Burrito Boyz take out menus… you know, crucial stuff.

samsung ap 17 2014 060Super cool white board calendar that you applies to any flat surface like a sticker and can be removed and placed again and again!

samsung ap 17 2014 057MAN PILE BE GONE!

I had the cork board and calendar up for a few weeks while I searched for the perfect third portion of this group. I needed something to hold a fair amount of stuff, but also something that wasn’t too bulky since there’s only about 2 inches of clearance in front of this space. When I found this (at Target, naturally) I KNEW it was perfect. As soon as I got home I got out the hammer and nails, and then I realized that they were NOT going to work.

Cement chimney + nails = no bueno.

So, once again this silly little project that should have taken ten minutes was put on hold while I figured out what to use. I eventually settled on some simple 3M hooks, the kind that adhere to the wall and have a metal hook to go through the holes.

samsung ap 17 2014 058A perfect solution for $2.99

It looks awesome now, and we’ve been using it for about a week now with pretty decent success! No soccer practices missed, all baby showers RSVP’d to and burrito ordering is now so wonderfully simple! LOL.

second copyDo you have a “command centre” in your home? How do you keep on top of all the madness? I’m pretty pumped that we’ve found something that works for us… and dare I say, the counter at this present moment is TOTALLY FREE of all clutter!

I hope you all have a truly wonderful Easter if you celebrate it… enjoy the long weekend with your loved ones!





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