My little front hall reveal!

Let me start by asking you this: was anyone else up on a stool and drilling at 7am?? Anyone? No? Okay then… it was just me.

That’s okay, I got off to a very productive start and managed to kill two birds with one stone which is awesome! (Although really, can we retire that expression already? It’s truly awful.) Anyway it was a good start to the day, especially when you consider that I got about two hours of sleep last night. I never have trouble sleeping, but I seriously just lay there until 2am wide awake, and then of course right when I did pass out, my two year old came toddling in whispering, “Mama? Shhhnuggle?” sigh. So I had little feet in my face the rest of the night.

But I digress! This morning I found both a solution for the empty wall where my broken mirror used to hang, AND a home for the gorgeous antique window that I bought at the flea market last summer. BAM. I’m happy.

TA DAH!!! My new entryway:

samsung ap 17 2014 041Here is the window when I brought it home… a steal at $20:

iPhone Pics August 10 2013 162

I left it sitting in the mud room for a few months, totally unsure of what to do with it. Part of me wanted to leave the back open so that wherever I hung it you’d see the colour of the wall behind it coming through. But when I held it up to the wall it always looked kind of odd. So, in the end I decided to fill it with photos and then cover the back in burlap. Yes, I know… I’m obsessed with burlap. And twine. It’s okay, I’m looking into support groups.

I found this amazing website that prints out your Instagram photos and ships them to you, which was perfect because the panes in this window are square. A perfect fit! The site is called PicPlum and I found it super easy and fast as well as inexpensive. (No freebies for me as always, I just really liked them!)

I struggled with how to put the photos in place, which was part of what held this project up for so long. Since there was no mat or backing like a typical frame would have, there wasn’t going to be anything to stick them to. In the end, I chose to use double sided tape and just adhere the pictures on the FRONT of the glass. It definitely wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I didn’t really have many options.

Once that was done, I cut some burlap to size and used my glue gun to attach it around the back of the frame. Then I used some picture hanging accessories to screw in some hardware to the sides:

samsung ap 17 2014 033

samsung ap 17 2014 034Once I had that on, I just used picture hanging wire and strung it across from one side to the other. I looped it through the hardware and twisted it a bunch of times to secure it:

samsung ap 17 2014 035That’s when I hopped up on my stool and got down to business. You definitely want to use anchors and screws for something like this… it’s HEAVY. I did my drilling and then hung her up!

samsung ap 17 2014 040If I had known I was going to print out the Instagram pics I would have made sure to use the same filter and frame on all of them… you’ll see that some of them have a white edge and some don’t, so it’s not uniform, and I’m an obsessive compulsive a uniform kinda gal.

But otherwise I LOVE it and I’m so happy that the first and last thing we see coming or going through that door is a collection of our favourite memories on display. It makes me smile!

You know what else makes me smile? My sweet little target lamp.

samsung ap 17 2014 042So adorable.

I love how the Ikea cabinet together with the slim basket for our keys create such a sleek profile in our very narrow hallway:

samsung ap 17 2014 043samsung ap 17 2014 038And of course with three kids and two dogs the first thing I want people to smell upon entering my home sometimes needs to be controlled.. LOL. Enter, the clean laundry candle!

samsung ap 17 2014 044mmmmmmm.

We still have one very unattractive wall in this entry hall that needs to be addressed… as you walk towards the kitchen there’s an odd spot where you can’t really put anything. I’m thinking that is where my new mirror will go – when I buy one.

samsung ap 17 2014 046Yes that’s my two year old photobombing, yes that’s putty on the walls from something that was there before, and yes that’s a pool noodle stuck to the edge of the kitchen door so that my crazy children don’t slam their fingers in it. I don’t think they make pool noodles in designer colours, so we’re stuck with this for now.

Always a work in progress, I tell ya. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever just sit back and think, “Ahhhh… it feels so good to be done!” lol… I really don’t think so. Besides, what on earth would I do with myself if that ever happened?!? Cook? Clean? *shudder*… the horror.


    • says

      Thanks so much Christina! I’m really happy with it too. It’s a good spot since a mirror there was kind of awkward and you couldn’t get a decent view of yourself anyway. Lol

  1. says

    This is a cute idea! How funny is it that what I love best about this post is the pool noodle to keep your kids from slamming their fingers in the door? lol! I’m totally doing that! My 2 yr old son slams the doors constantly and I’m terrified someone is going to lose a finger.
    My mother said they have pipe insulation tubes that you could use, too. Might be cheaper and they are usually white. I’m going to try to find some at our hardware store.

    • says

      Haha I’m glad you liked it! I saw the pool noodle idea on pinterest and our dollar store sells them so can’t get better than that! Lol
      It’s been a god send – our old house has so many doors and my two youngest slam them all the time.
      Thanks for reading! : )

      • Brooke says

        They do sell little c-shaped rubber stoppers for the top of your door. I got a multi pack from Amazon for a few bucks. :)

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