Trim & (more) Twine

I’m eeeeeeasing back into my week. I can’t believe it’s Tuesday and I’ve basically done nothing. LOL. I was away for one night and I feel like I’ve just returned from sailing around the world or something. SIGH – such an adjustment to be home.

I’m focusing on finishing up some little projects I’ve had hanging around for a while – it’s always nice to cross things off that “to-do” list! You may recall my solution to my shrunken drapes a while back? (You can find that post HERE)…

This is what they looked like when I shrunk them:

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 109

And this is what they looked like when I added length using a green table cloth:

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 204So much better.

But as much as I liked the result, up close there was just something kind of “unfinished” about them.

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 208Call me crazy… something was missing.

So as we should all know by now, I will use any excuse to head to Michael’s, and that’s exactly what I did. I grabbed a spool of a burlap ribbon (“This exists?” you exclaim… yes, yes it does!) and got out my trusty glue gun.

iPhone pics March 25 2014 035Oh… I should also mention that while on that particular run to Michael’s I also bought a new glue gun. An amazing glue gun. A CORDLESS STANDING glue gun. Like, seriously… my life is made.

iPhone pics March 25 2014 037I want to marry it.

But back to business. I simply cut the “ribbon” to size, and used the glue gun to adhere it to the curtain panel. I placed it so that the seam where drape meets table cloth was centered under it, and it now has a lovely, custom, finished look!

iPhone pics March 25 2014 039iPhone pics March 25 2014 040Seriously – is that not SO much better? Sometimes I can’t believe how something so simple and inexpensive can make such a significant change. Even my husband commented on how much more professional it looked – his word! Amazing.

Aside from that little detail, I remain lost in my world of burlap and twine. I shared my mild obsession with you HERE, and apparently I wasn’t done. Ever have one of those days where you look around and decide to mush up some existing supplies and just make something? That’s what happened here.

I had a canvas, and of course some twine, so I thought I’d try to make a simple piece of art for my 10 year old daughter’s room. Here’s what I ended up with:

samsung ap 15 2014 040I thought that something sweet and inspirational should be the first thing that she sees when she opens her eyes every morning! First I gave the canvas a coat of paint, and then I lightly drew the word out in pencil. Then I just used a tube of while artist’s glue to go over the pencil and adhere the twine. Easy as pie.

samsung ap 15 2014 042

She is an avid horseback rider, so I love the “cowgirl” look of it, and how the twine has such nice texture. It almost looks like a lasso! She’s at her dad’s this week, so she won’t see it until Friday, but I think she will like it. I find with her that she appreciates when I take the time to create something for her, and I love that! She recognizes that something from the heart means a lot.

So not only will she wake up and be inspired, she will also be reminded that her mama loves her. WINNING! Have you made anything for your children lately? (Other than lunch or their beds!) Handmade gifts are such a simple way to show someone how much they mean, you just can’t go wrong!




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