Birthday Weekend Recap

Well that was fun!

I’m tired and my house is a MESSSSSSS so this is going to be brief and just lots of photos. LOL. But we had such a nice time away from our kids and dogs and house this weekend. My husband and I haven’t had a night away together in (I think) about two and a half years, and even then I was pregnant with our littlest one and it was for a wedding that he was a groomsman for, so I didn’t see him anyway.

This past weekend, however, we got away for 24 beautiful hours, and it was perfect.

iphone ap 12 2014 024We got our coffee and hit the road!

We were on the move by about 9am on Saturday, and I was MOST looking forward to stopping at the big flea market on our way up north. It wasn’t quite as exciting as I had hoped, but it was still so fun to wander around with Alex and just have NOWHERE TO BE. There was a lot of garbage stuff… weird toys and books and REALLY ugly stuff in the clothing and decor areas… lol. But there was a whole section of beautiful antiques and vintage jewellery – THAT part I liked.

iphone ap 12 2014 026This was a cute little booth full of refinished pieces like what I do at The Refreshed Nest.

iphone ap 12 2014 029I had to get my hubby in this photo so I can properly display the size of this ENORMOUS chandelier. I could do so much with that… if I had a mansion.

iphone ap 12 2014 030These antique shutters were $1600!! I don’t even know what I would do with them, but they were beautiful.

iphone ap 12 2014 034I reeeeeeally wanted to try this on, but every time I touched something my husband had a small heart attack.

iphone ap 12 2014 036This doll house got me more excited than anything else at the market. It was AMAZING. Hand made, likely by a father or grandfather for a little girl. All the furniture inside was so lovingly crafted, and it even had little string lights that worked. It reminded me of when Monica & Phoebe got theirs out on Friends! lol..

iphone ap 12 2014 037I really wanted this, but my kids would have destroyed it in ten minutes flat.

I did fall in love with some stuff while I was there. This ring had me at hello, and I would have bought it for myself as a birthday gift from me to me, but it was $495. *sigh*

iphone ap 12 2014 044And then on the way out I saw this chandelier and could have cried:

iphone ap 12 2014 046Yah. That’s my husband messing with it… the man who kept flipping out and telling me not to touch anything. But seriously.. this thing was gorgeous. And it was also $800.

We continued on after lunch to the cottage, and it was just awesome to sit around and enjoy the silence. We watched some movies, and we didn’t even have to pause them 32 times! For dinner we went into town and enjoyed a meal at a tiny little place my dad recommended, and it was a delicious, relaxing meal.

The entire weekend was perfect, and just what we needed. I forgot how much fun it can be even just driving for a few hours alone! Loving my parents for helping with the kids and offering up the cottage – can’t wait to do it again!

Oh and before we left I of course had to spend 15 minutes arranging a message on the fridge with the magnetic words I found there…

iphone ap 12 2014 049I think that sums my 37th birthday up pretty well. I am a lucky lady, indeed!

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