Birthday Musings…

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am going to be 37.

I have no idea how that happened… I’m pretty sure that I’m still 25, but I guess I’m not. I think that everyone has that “internal age” that they never really pass.  I don’t think anyone ever truly feels their actual age. I sure don’t.

I reminisced about this HERE last year, when I was about to turn 36, and it still holds true. I know age is just a number, but it does get to me a bit. Turning 30 didn’t bother me, and I always found that kind of odd. I was a single mom, paying a mortgage alone and not even dating anyone. My daughter was three and it was a tough time… but I was still happy! You’d think those circumstances might have gotten me down, but they didn’t. I am proud of myself for that! I had hope and I knew that things would work out.

One of my girlfriends threw me a party for the big 3-0… just my closest friends and family were there, people I’d known my whole life. Except for one person that I barely knew at all… my cousin brought his friend Alex.

My birthday party, 2007


Two years later, I married him.

August 1st, 2009


You see, things have a way of working out. That night was most definitely a turning point in my life, and it had a big hand in teaching me that age really has nothing to do with anything.

So, turning 37 tomorrow isn’t that big of a deal. In the past seven years I have done a lot of amazing stuff. After being in a serious relationship for years with my daughter’s dad, I got to date again! I got to get excited when the phone rang, and get excited for my boyfriend to pick me up. I got to have a first kiss and hope that he would grab my hand in the movie theatre… it was awesome.

I bought a house, sold a house, got engaged, got married, went on a honeymoon, had two babies, and a million other things in between.  It’s been a whirlwind, and one that I am very grateful for.

Last year for my 36th birthday I added another wonderful experience to the list; I went away alone. Not for long, and not too far away… I just headed “into the city” (which for me is Toronto) and spent an entire day and night alone – complete with a massage, room service, and a lovely suite in a hotel.

After having two kids just 20 months apart and suffering from some pretty intense postpartum depression (you can read all about that HERE), I needed a break. I was torn – I DID want to go away with my husband, but I needed to be alone even more. I needed to just do what I wanted to do – just for one day. I needed to sleep and recharge my batteries.

It. Was. Glorious.

I left the family and house behind on the Saturday morning and headed downtown for a day of shopping!

I saw some to-die-for couture that I would LOVE to wear:

36th bday 016God I love BCBG.

And some that I wasn’t quite as excited about:

36th bday 015I guess even BCBG can’t be on point ALL the time.

I went all along the little shops in the city to check out vintage finds and incredible fabrics:

36th bday 025I totally freaked out when I saw this in one of the stores.. it’s the one that Sarah Richardson used in her first baby’s nursery. If I could have gotten its autograph, I would have.

And then I checked in to my lakefront hotel! I don’t remember ever being so excited…

36th bday 030I had a huge nap and woke up at like 7pm, lol.
Then I didn’t know what to do…

36th bday 044So I gave myself a facial and went back to bed!

36th bday 042

A rockin’ Saturday night in the big city!

That was pretty much it. HAHA.. not that exciting to some, but to me it was about three years in the making, and it was exactly what I needed. In the morning, I woke up when I was ready to wake up, and I didn’t have to jump out of bed right away. I enjoyed the view while I sipped my coffee…

36th bday 054 And ordered myself a major breakfast…

36th bday 055When I got back home, I was rested, refreshed, totally recharged and THRILLED to see my husband and kids!

36th bday 062Little Ella was only 13 months here. Wow time flies.

It was an absolutely perfect birthday experience for me, and I will literally treasure it forever. I am so grateful to my husband and my mom for taking the kids and letting me get away.

This year, I think I’m ready to share the wealth a little bit.. lol. My dad has offered up his cottage, so tomorrow morning the hubby and I will leave the house and kids in Nana’s loving hands and make the drive up north to spend a whole 24 hours alone. No hotel, no room service… just us and some serious peace and quiet. I admit – I am just as excited as I was this time last year. There’s a huge flea market we pass on the way, and since it’s my birthday he can’t say no!
Muah ha ha… we can shop and have lunch before we carry on. The cottage is across the street from the water, so hopefully we will have nice weather for a walk and I can’t wait to just watch a movie and have a glass of wine.

See? Age really doesn’t have anything to do with numbers. It doesn’t have anything to do with hold old you’re turning. It’s how you spend that day, and who you spend it with. My husband might be two years younger than I am, and he will surely never let me forget it, but it’s okay – I LIKE getting older. I’m happy with my life, and very grateful.



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    Happy Birthday! You’re very right about sometimes just needing to be alone. I am a stay-at-home mom and have three kids too, so I know exactly how you feel! Every year my husband sends me away (sometimes with girlfriends, sometimes not) for a “work” trip (because I am always grumbling about he gets to go away on work trips and sleep!). When I go with my girlfriends, I tell people it’s a conference for moms. We unwind, re-group and come home re-charged. For my birthday every year we go away for a couple of nights. It’s fantastic! Enjoy your time together and definitely make him stop at that flea market!

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      Thanks, Beth-Anne! I saw your comment that you read the blog and that made my day. Sounds like you definitely understand what my life is like.. and yes, Alex travels a lot for work as well. He always reminds me that it’s work, but still – it’s hotels, no housework, restaurant food, sleeping alone, AND it’s all paid for! lol
      I think that maybe next year a girls night away is in order. I have the cottage – just need the girls to get on board! :)
      Thanks for the wishes – I’m looking forward to tomorrow so much.

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