Repurposed Wall Rack

I haven’t had much luck on my weekly strolls through the thrift shops as of late.. it’s been a bummer.  I’ve left empty handed likely the last three or four times!  But this past week I actually scored a few neat little things, so I think I’m back in the game, baby!

My favourite thing that I brought home this week is this:

iPhone pics March 25 2014 047

My husband says just an old wall mount plant holder… the kind you put moss in the bottom and then soil and plants or whatever. I’m no gardener, but I’m really not convinced that’s what it is.
(My in-laws own a garden centre.. I must be the biggest disappointment of their lives! LOL)

So hubby says it’s supposed to look something like this:

plant holder

I don’t think this particular one would hold everything in properly.. there’s no crisscrossing, and what are those weird hook things for?? Anyway, when I looked at it on the shelf I didn’t see a plant holder, I held it up the other way and saw a jewellery/scarf display rack! I snapped that puppy up for 50 cents and got busy with a can of spray paint as soon as I got home…

iphone Ap 9 2014 023I mounted it on the wall in my ten year old daughter’s room, and it’s perfect for all her little bits and pieces (AND RAINBOW LOOM BRACELETS) that have no home!

iphone Ap 9 2014 032It’s tucked into the perfect little corner of her room where nothing else would work, and it’s mounted nice and high so that her little brother and sister can’t get their hands on her more precious stuff.  Trust me – you do NOT want to be around here when that happens.
I literally hide.

1And she really loves it – which is always a win. I swear – ten year olds these days are what fifteen year olds were like when I was a kid. Let’s just say she’s not always easy to please!  I often remind her that she’s the only person in the entire family who has their own room, so she should be super grateful. LOL. I want my own room!!!!!

While putting this post together, I became more and more convinced that this thing was NOT a plant holder. I started googling, and found a few items that are almost identical which are listed as pot racks! I am not sure this one would be ideal for that… the hooks are very close together, but it would make a super utensil holder.

Now I’m imagining all the places in my kitchen I could have mounted it! Damn. I wonder if Taya would notice if she came home after school and it was missing from her room?

What have I done?!

b43823b03fef6b69ef6b72e3bd78ede991456073f1da2bcfb6d5e70ba636d108Oh well. In this house, to be quite honest, it’s not “Happy wife/Happy life” – it’s more like “Happy tween doesn’t make a scene”… hahaha yah I totally just made that up.


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