Wish List Wednesday – EVERYTHING!

Oh my gosh, you guys.
Last night I discovered Polyvore.  My life is complete, and I will hereby spend my days ignoring my family, my wifely duties and all other hobbies as I better the world by creating fabulous MOOD BOARDS!
Seriously, HOW did I not know about this website before? I was up until midnight playing on there, and that’s like 4am to a regular person! I was soooooooo taken with it that I had to find a way to incorporate it into the blog, so today’s wish list is EVERYTHING.
Today’s wish list was originally going to talk about chairs.  Namely, this one:
iPhone October 2012 140Sorry for the fuzzy photo… it wasn’t intended for public viewing but here it is anyway!
I got that chair second hand and I LOVE it! It’s so funky and old and the wooden arm rests are so cool. But it needs to be recovered and I have a million ideas for it.  I also have this chair, which I love even more:
iphone pics Ap 30 2013 170So much retro goodness right there.
It obviously needs recovering as well, so that’s what I was initially going to be writing about today. I hopped online last night to find similar chairs and explore all of the amazing fabrics out there… but then I landed on Polyvore and that was it.  The first room I created on there DOES include a similar chair, that’s what started it all. I found the chair, fell in love, and then I just HAD to build a room around it.
Please bear with me… this first room below was my initial attempt at creating a mood board. I personally think it’s PERFECT IN EVERY WAY, but of course others may not agree. LOL. You all know my obsession with having a casual, beachy feel in my home… and this is just how I imagine things looking one day when I’m finished!
My fabulous beachy living room:
Beachy living room
I am totally obsessed with that chair.  Like, TOTALLY.
I LOVE the legs on that sofa and how they tie in to the legs of the chair and the wood on the table table top.  The soft greys and blues appeal to my neutral side, and of course I have to have the wool rug and the woven side table. It’s such a calm, soft look… all I would need is an ocean view out the huge (imaginary) picture window!
Up next, (because there was NO stopping me at this point…) is my imagined dining room:
dining room
I know… I played it pretty safe here, but I was just testing the waters!
For this room I began by selecting the carpet. That’s one thing that my current dining space is lacking, and I’m always on the lookout for something. I LOVE the chevron, and how it’s slightly faded. The chair and table have the same worn feel, like they were built from driftwood found on the beach. (Okay, I’m stretching with that… but they’re SO pretty and vintagey. Yup. Vintagey.)  I have a mild obsession with industrial lighting these days, and I think the iron orb chandelier is a crazy cool contrast to the softness of everything else in the room! I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea… but you can make your own mood boards so I am okay with it. : )
Finally, I made an attempt at a master bedroom…
Master Bedroom
I’d be pretty happy curling up in there with a book.
I tried in all three rooms to mix materials and have some texture. I like this bedroom because while the bed itself is soft, creamy and luxurious, the side tables are angled and darker, also bringing in a modern feel to an otherwise traditional space. The bench at the foot of the bed ties them both together, and there are some pops of colour via the pillows and the art on the walls.  It’s still beachy, but not quite as casual as the living space which I like. I think that a master bedroom should have some elegance to it, but still be cozy and inviting.
As a STARK contrast that what I created last night… I will (begrudgingly) now present to you the original look of these same rooms in our house.
These rooms were NOT decorated by me. This is what the house looked like when we moved in.
The living room:
Hello handsome hubby!
Hello ugly “old people” decor!
The Dining Room:
NEW HOUSE 003Ooooh… pretty valance! Pretty chandelier!
The master bedroom:
NEW HOUSE 045Purple! Hooray!
NEW HOUSE 046Can you even HANDLE this much fabulousness?
Sigh. No. I couldn’t handle it either. I’m not going to show you the state of these rooms now, at least not yet! They are works in progress but rest assured – they look NOTHING like the photos above anymore.  It’s taken me a long time to find the style that I want for my home, and making those mood boards has given me such a clear vision of what I need to do to to make it happen!
So, I hope you’ll forgive me for this disjointed version of wish list Wednesday – but it was just too much fun to resist!! Do you use mood boards to create the spaces in your home? I know some people like to have the visual to work from while others are more hands on and need to get out there to see and feel everything.
With three kids, the “plan an entire house from my little blogging corner” definitely works for me!


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