If I had to choose…

I suppose I would prefer a solid marriage full of broken stuff over a broken marriage full of in-tact stuff.

I guess. LOL.

You see, my husband… I love him, but he breaks stuff. SIGH. Not intentionally – I DON’T THINK – but my favourite items should likely be kept in their own house from here on in, because he’s like a MAGNET for them.

It all started six years ago, in the summer of 2008 when we bought our first (and sadly, current) home and moved in together. He was coming from a rental and I was selling a townhouse that I owned. Combining all of the “his” and “hers” stuff is never easy, but fortunately it turned out that I had a house full of furniture and he had pretty much nothing. It’s funny, actually… I had everything except a bedroom set, and that was all that he had. Fate!

So as we were planning what to bring and what to get rid of, I was adamant that we bring along my television cabinet. At the time, it was one of my favourite pieces of furniture in the house. I LOVED this thing – and he hated it. He had visions of flat screens dancing through his head, and this did NOT fit into the plan.

This was moving day, August 2008. It was also the last day I ever saw Mr. Cabinet.

tv cabWe decided that it would go in the basement of our new house, and as my husband (fiance at the time) and his friends were carrying it down the stairs, there was suddenly a series of loud popping noises, followed by a terrible crash.

Yah. Buh bye, cabinet – it was totally destroyed. “How convenient!!!” you’re surely thinking to yourself… and yes, I have always suspected foul play myself, but he has vehemently denied this for years, so I’ve had to let it go. But we all know the truth, don’t we?

I feel your pain, mister… you and I both know what really happened here.
xmas story
As we were unpacking our stuff over the coming days I began to notice a pattern… essentially, all of my stuff was damaged, and none of his was. LOL. I know it was a coincidence but seriously, what the hell? I should have had my guard up at this point, right?

The poor guy. He tries to do a job around the house and instead of a thank you he gets a pissy wife because he breaks something in the process! You may recall my post just days ago about completing my dining room wall in which a gorgeous, green glass lamp appears. Oh how I loved that lamp!! I remember bringing it home and gushing to my husband about it. It was perfect.

The only photo I have of my departed friend, Lamp.

antique window - buffetYou can also read about how much I loved my lamp friend HERE.

My beautiful lamp came to an untimely end just a week ago while my husband was installing a new TV on the wall. Here’s how it went down: he came THISCLOSE to knocking it over, I freaked out, he said he’d be careful, I was stupid and didn’t move it, and then two minutes later he knocked it over for real and it shattered.

Poor lamp was only with us for three months, but they were three beautiful months that I will cherish.

I used the tragedy to my advantage and immediately went and purchased a new light, but it just isn’t the same.

iphone pics marcg 21 2014 002Excuse the cords, the tv installation situation is ongoing.

Then this morning we had another incident. After searching for hours I failed to come up with a “before” photo of our latest casualty, and that’s because it was with us for even less time than the lamp! But here is the “after”:

iphone ap 7 2014 009

This one was purchased at HomeSense just weeks ago, and was hanging in our front hall, until today. Okay, it wasn’t hanging. It was leaning. It was propped on our entry table and leaning against the wall. Funnily enough, my husband had actually said to me, “Don’t just lean it there, it will fall!” Yah. He was right. It fell. He was leaving for work this morning and and slammed closed the door just a wee bit too hard. The crash was terrifying, and I’m SO lucky that none of the kids were even on the main floor at the time.


Another empty spot in my heart… and on my wall.

iphone ap 7 2014 020

I have to say, it’s a happy coincidence that the kids are spending tomorrow with my Nana. I guess I have no choice but to go mirror shopping. What a bummer! Poor hubby… he gets grief for breaking everything, and then he takes a hit to the bank account when I run out to replace it!
Hope all of your favourite things are in one piece this morning, and if your other half is clumsy, may it be with the things you like the least!
(I think that might be an old Irish proverb… not sure.)


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      LOL I can definitely relate. It’s one thing I’m looking forward to about the kids getting a little older – I want to have nicer things!
      : )


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