Oh how the table has turned!

I can’t believe that this didn’t occur to me earlier… I think it was just one of those things that was so much a fixture in my home I almost didn’t even see it anymore – does that make sense? I can go to someone’s house and see a piece of missing baseboard and think “Why wouldn’t you just fix that??” and then I come home and don’t even notice the missing light switch plate in my bedroom or the hole in the wall at the top of the stairs that’s been there for THREE YEARS.

Yah. When it comes to my own stuff, I think I might be in denial.

But this table isn’t so bad… In fact, a part of me even loved its old, worn, vintage feel.

iphone ap 6 2014 022(Complete with the top that comes right off and the legs that you snap off on one side and fold underneath it. Awesomeness – they don’t make stuff like this anymore!)

It was part of a set that everyone’s my parents owned back in the 70s. I remember eating after school snacks at it when I was pretty young, and as I grew it was the those tables that were pulled out for dinner in front of the tv, card games with my friends and on the days I was home sick from school it would be right next to the sofa with a bowl of tomato soup and Premium crackers on it.

Being a kid was the BEST.

Anyway, the set of tables hung around for years and years until one of them made its way over to my house. My oldest child had her tonsils and adenoids out, and my mom figured it was time to pass the tray torch on to us I guess. LOL. So, here it has stayed for the last five years. We use it quite often, never once lamenting the fact that it’s OLD, rusted, and fairly ugly.

iphone ap 6 2014 023

Then yesterday, as I walked past it, I suddenly saw it for what it is and I knew I needed to breathe some new life into this trusty old member of the family! A quick wipe down, a can of Rustoleum spray paint in “Satin Nickel” and a roll of Contact paper was all I needed to give this old gal a makeover!

I took it outside, flipped it upside down and gave the legs a nice new paint job. Yes – OUTSIDE! It was GORGEOUS outside yesterday and I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to be out on the driveway getting covered in some paint! Once it dried, I brought it back in to work on the top. I had a roll of Contact paper that I bought at Target a while back, so I just measure the surface of the table and then cut it to size:

iphone ap 6 2014 024

Contact paper is awesome because it has measurements on that back that make it super simple to get the exact size you need.

iphone ap 6 2014 025

Once you’ve measured and cut your paper, the backing peels off and you just apply it to your surface like one large sticker. It looks really cute now – totally freshened up and MUCH nicer on the eyes!

iphone ap 6 2014 026

And yes, I DO have a desk… but it’s often covered with stuff and when I’m sitting at it my back is to the kids – and we all know how THAT turns out. So, admittedly I usually end up sitting in my little “blogging corner” with my coffee. I have to say, that corner looks a WHOLE lot sweeter now!

iphone ap 6 2014 028I think I need a sign on the wall that says “B’s Blogging Corner”

And when the table is folded up and put off to the side, it’s a lot nicer to look at the pretty new pattern than it was to look at a rusty old brown thing!

iphone ap 6 2014 031

As for that awesome and mildly ugly old chair, I will be addressing that shortly. LOVE the chair, hate the fabric. Just another item on the to-do list, but at least it’s not offensive to look at in the meantime.

Ever taken an old, dying item and brought it back to life? I almost wish we still had the rest of the tables so I could redo them too… they’d make a cute set!

Happy Monday from B’s Blogging Corner!  LOL…

iphone ap 6 2014 029


  1. Nancy says

    I was reading comments at YHL and had to come see what you did to your table. Great idea for repurposing the TV tray. It’s functional and looks great when it’s folded up out of the way! I used that same contact paper on an old side table in my guest room! It was one of those nesting tables with the leather top. The leather got bad so I peeled it off and then the table just sat in my basement for a long time because I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. (There might be a few other things still down there in that same category…)

    And I hear you about the seeing the stuff that needs attending to at other people’s houses but not your own!

    • Kassandra says

      I also saw the comment on YHL! Love what you did with the table top. I wish my parents had passed along the “tray” as well…

      • says

        Hi Kassandra – thanks for reading!
        Yah I wish I had the rest of the set, but I’m sure my mom sent it off to “TV tray heaven” long ago… at least I keep can my eyes open for some now in the thrift shops and I can hopefully make some over.

    • says

      Thank you, Nancy! I’m glad you liked it.. : )
      I know what you mean.. we have an attic – um, and a garage – full of projects just waiting for me. So happy the weather is nicer here now so I can get started!

    • says

      Do it! lol… Seriously, it made such a great difference and it was so simple and inexpensive. I’ve used the same roll of contact paper on a few other things around here as well, I will have to do a post showing them off too!


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