The Twine That Binds…

As I mentioned in my carpet-lusting post the other day, I’m pretty into natural fibers lately. Sisal, wool, burlap, bamboo, cashmere (JOKING! Ain’t nobody got cash fo dat!) and twine are really adding a lot of warmth to my house. With the new grey walls and white sofa, it would look pretty cold in here if I didn’t try to incorporate some warmer colours and natural fabrics.

I’m TRYING not to go overboard… these items should just be appearing as accents, but it’s pretty easy to look around and realize that you’ve wrapped pretty much everything you own in burlap. LOL. That’s NOT the look I’m going for. I just want to spruce up some stuff around here that maybe was a little bit “blah” before.

I’ve added some twine to a few pieces that seemed to be lacking something and needed a little boost…

This beautiful vase was missing something, the neck looked unfinished when I blogged about it HERE:

iphone ap 2 2014 009

It’s super simple to just take a glue gun and secure the twine after you’ve wrapped it around the neck of a vase or jar, and it looks so pretty!

iphone ap 2 2014 010

Then as I was putting together all the items that I’ve collected to decorate my soon-to-be beautiful bathroom, I realized that this lovely mason jar could use a little shabby-ing up too!

iphone ap 5 2014 032(You can read all about my current bathroom insanity HERE)

I also took on a project yesterday that I’ve been meaning to get to for a while. I’ve had this painting sitting my attic for years, and I wasn’t using it. I didn’t want to get rid of the painting or do anything permanent to it that would ruin it, but I love the frame and hated that it was just sitting up there and not being enjoyed!

iphone ap 5 2014 006

I decided to remove the painting and cover it with burlap. The painting was done right on a piece of board.. no glass to remove.

iphone ap 5 2014 007

I laid two pieces of burlap over top of it, this prevents you from seeing the paint underneath. I wrapped the burlap around the back and used my glue gun to secure it:

 iphone ap 5 2014 008Yup, that’s me doing crafts on my gorgeous antique sideboard because my children were using the dining room table for Play Doh. Such is life.

Then I simply took two pieces of twine, glued each edge on to the back as well, and placed the board back in the frame. Voila – an adorable, vintage-looking display board for photos, concert tickets or whatever little memories you’d like to have on display!

iphone ap 5 2014 026Why yes, that IS me dumping a bowl of apple sauce on my head as a toddler!

I just used clothes pins to hold the items in place, but really you could use anything like paper clips or you could even just slip the items beneath the twine and it holds them in place.

iphone ap 5 2014 027

It’s a really cute way to show off small items and it’s great because it’s so simple to remove them and switch them up as often as you’d like!

So there is my love for twine and burlap on full display for you.. LOL. I think I’ve managed to keep it relatively minimal – at least for now! I have my eye on one other project though… we’ll see if I actually get around to this one or not:

chandy twine*I love you, Pinterest*

Anyone else have any awesome crafts with burlap or twine? There are only about, oh, 7,844,583 of them out there… not that I’m looking for more or anything.
(I totally am…)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Catherine says

    Love the memory board, I want to do a similar one for the girls artwork. I actually just made a headboard this weekend out of burlap! I hate our room colour right now and we are financially tight right now to splurge on a new headboard, but the burlap refreshes my accents and took the blah to the yah! Looks great :)

    • says

      Thanks, Mrs G! I think I saw a pic of the headboard in my news feed… I will have to go back and check, that’s awesome! A headboard is on my list so I will be picking your brain for sure.

    • says

      Thanks! And yes that chandy is awesome – trying to decide if I should reprint the one I JUST did to try this out. LOL


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