Wish List Wednesdays – Rugs!

I must spend a solid hour each day perusing the amazing rugs that are calling my name from allllllll over the world. We are on our third one in our family room, and I haven’t like any of them. I long for the day that I can purchase the rug of my DREAMS and not be put off by a) the price, and b) my messy children.

Most recently we had a pretty neutral, sand coloured carpet in here:

iPhone Pics Oct 30 2013 072

But it showed every single spot, and it was getting very worn. So when we rearranged the room (post to come!) we purchased a new, darker rug for this space and moved the sandy one down into our basement family room.

So, for now, this one will have to do:

iphone ap 2 2014 020
It hides a MULTITUDE of sins… thank goodness for that.  Chocolate, juice, mud tracked in from shoes… you name it. We got it at a discount shop a few months back called End of the Roll, and it was only $80 for an 8×12 foot roll. But that’s because there’s nothing special about it at all. Zero. Zip. Zilch.  Even the colour is making me insane. It was GREY in the store. It was GREY when I took a photo and texted it to my husband. It was GREY when I asked the salesman what colour it was.

And then I brought it home and it turned BLUE… and that made me see red. Grr.

Oh well. For now, it’s perfect.

But in the future, ohhhhhh I have rug dreams let me tell you. Textures and patterns and borders and all kinds of wonderful visions dance through my head. It’s gonna happen one day.. and it’s gonna be GREAT!

In the family room as it is now, I would love to have a natural fibre carpet… I think it would be gorgeous with the white patterned sofa and the bamboo blinds. If anything says BEACHY, it’s a sisal rug! This one from Pottery Barn is $528 for a 9×12:


But check THIS out, this one is what I plan to pick up in the near future. It’s from Ikea, and it’s only $140 for the 8×11!

Here are some more of my current loves… and today I’m not going to even try to search out the less expensive alternatives! lol.. it’s WISH list Wednesday. I’m dreaming of the day I can buy some seriously gorgeous, seriously high quality rugs… and that’s what I’m sharing today.

I am a sucker for geometric shapes these days.. on pretty much anything, but especially carpets! This 9×12 rug from Pottery Barn is $1175:

pb 555

SO beautiful, and SO not cheap – but I guess that’s the point of dreaming! Check this one out from Restoration Hardware… SWOON! Only $5995 for a 9×12:


And not every wish has to have a monstrous price tag… I LOVE Joss & Main, and this rug is “only” $535 for a 10×14:


I would LOVE this in the family room with some walnut tables and bright drapery!

I have rug dreams for my children as well.. lol… I really think they finish a room so beautifully, and in our next home I hope to have hardwood as we do here, but also have nice large area rugs in each bedroom. Waking up in the morning and putting your feet down on a hard, cold floor does NOT appeal to me.

Here is one that I love for my son… it would match his bedding perfectly (you can read about his room here). It’s from Pottery barn and is $836 for an 8×10:

calFor my little girl I would naturally lean towards something a WEE bit more frilly.. I know, I know.. we aren’t supposed to do that anymore, but trust me – she’s a GIRLY GIRL.
(You can read about her space here)
Anything pink and flowery makes her day. This one isn’t TOO feminine. I love the combination of soft pink and grey, and I think it’s something she could grow into as well. This one is also from the Pottery Barn line and is also $836 for an 8×10:

ellaFinally my ten year old would need something that combines everything! Youth, colour, and transition into the teen years… She loves hot pink, but she likely won’t always want it to cover every inch of her room like it does now! LOL. She is also very athletic and busy, so something that can take a lot of wear and tear would be important. This rug from Pottery Barn would appeal to her feminine side, but also take her through her teens and hold up to dance parties, sleepovers and the soccer equipment that’s constantly tossed on her floor. It’s $599 for an 8×10:

tayaSo there you have it. We’ve only just scratched the SURFACE of my carpet love, but I could honestly spend all day on this! Have you made any rug purchases lately? Did you go for a budget version of what you love, or did you full on splurge for the dream vision? (Or am I the only person who dreams about rugs??)
Let me know!



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