100th Post – Reflections

Today is my 100th blog post – pretty cool! This blog has brought me so much happiness… it’s so nice to have a place to share my thoughts and just completely be myself. I just want to take a minute to say a very sincere THANK YOU to everyone who is reading.  It continues to amaze me that anyone cares to read my ramblings about my life and home! LOL… but I am grateful that you do, so thank you.

While reflecting on the first 100 posts, more than anything I’ve been thinking about my journey as a mother, and how quickly my children are growing.  Like any mom, I have many hopes for the type of people that my children will become. SO….. I totally had to come up with a list of things that I hope my kids will take with them as they grow into the brilliant, responsible, socially conscious adults they are sure to become under my guidance! (HA!)

Look at these sweet faces… (and mine)


Kids, I promise you… follow these simple rules and you will go far.

How To Be A Decent Human Being, According to Hysterically Ever After:

– Open doors. Not just for strollers or the eldery, but for everybody. Every time.

– Say please and thank you without fail.

– Don’t use the horn on your vehicle unless it’s to alert someone to a dangerous situation.

– Give compliments freely. Even to strangers – especially to strangers! If you are thinking something nice about someone, sharing it with them could make their day.

– Be on time.

– When someone asks you what’s wrong (especially your partner), tell them.

– Don’t cheat. Not on tests or on people. You’re not doing yourself any favours by getting what you want through deceit. That is not who you want to be.

– Smile at everyone you pass. Nobody can have a problem with someone who is always happy and smiling.

– When someone offers to help you, it’s okay to take them up on it. If you always say no, eventually they will stop offering.

– Don’t stand in front of the elevator doors. I’m not sure why this is so difficult for the majority of people! When the doors open, people will be exiting. Don’t block them.

– Be kind to the people who serve you. At a store, a restaurant or the dry cleaner. They are just as worthy and deserving of your respect as anyone else.

– When crossing the road if you see a car waiting to drive past you or make a turn, hurry up!

– Do what you say you’re going to do. Actions speak far louder than words and being dependable is important.

– Participate in random acts of kindness. Pay for the car behind you at the drive-thru, buy a sandwich for the homeless person on the corner. Small actions can improve someone’s life.

– Fight clean. No relationship is ever perfect, be it a friendship, a coworker or a marriage. But don’t hit below the belt, and stay on topic. Fighting is acceptable, hurting is not.

– Don’t become too focused on who you are on the outside. The person that you are on the inside is who will be remembered long after you’re gone.

– Be just as quick to report excellent service as you are to complain. People have no problem seeking out a manager or writing a letter when something goes wrong, but far too few take the time to praise an exceptional experience.

– When walking in a public place, the rules of the road still apply. If you drive on the right, you should be walking on the right as well.

– Stand up for the things you believe in. What’s right is not often popular and vice versa. If you make a few enemies along your journey then so be it. Fighting for a cause and being a champion for others is something to be proud of.

– Give to charity. It doesn’t matter how much or how little, just give. Your time and your money are valuable and you have the ability to help others, don’t waste such a beautiful opportunity.


Life is so simple, but the world is so complicated. Being kind, generous and honest are incredible qualities that seem to be so undervalued! My greatest hope for my children is that they are good people. I want them to be aware of the world around them and appreciate what they have, because that appreciation will lead to them wanting to provide for others.

I hope that we can all take a moment now and then to step outside of ourselves to remember that the world is a LOT bigger than our individual lives. In saying that, I’ve had the most amazing time reading comments and emails from readers in over 80 countries since I started this blog – yes, 80!!! – and it’s a constant reminder of how important it is to connect to others and share our experiences.

Thanks for allowing me to share mine with you!


  1. Mandy says

    Love it! I hope you don’t mind but I took your advice for your kids, read it to my whole class and turned it into a family life assignment for them… They have to come up with 5 pieces of advice to give to their unborn child/children. They love this assignment! Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Mandy that’s so amazing, thank you so much! I am so honored that you’ve used some of my writing in your class I can’t tell you how awesome I think that is. I’m glad they liked their assignment!

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